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Cupid and Psyche: Ancient Love Story

No description

Sierra Dickinson

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Cupid and Psyche: Ancient Love Story


Main: Psyche, Cupid, Venus (Aphrodite)
Minor: Psyche's family and many people of her father's kingdom
-Psyche's castle
-A mountain
-Mansion Cupid gives Psyche
-The woods
-Venus' (Aphrodite's) shrine

Rising Action
When Cupid drops his arrow on his foot, making him fall in love with Psyche. After Venus found out that her son fell in love with the mortal she despises, she castes a spell on Psyche, and so that no one worships her instead of Venus. Psyche is then told to go to a mountain top and await her husband. She is then whisked away, by the wind, to a solid gold mansion. When she arrives and settles in she go to the room she believes to be hers. Then, once it's dark she lays down, and feels someone, she thinks is her husband, creep into bed beside her. When she asks to see him in person he makes a good argument and they both agree they don't need to see one another to be in love.
Falling Action
When she arrived, Venus was appalled. Venus couldn't believe Psyche's nerve coming there and tried to make her feel guilty, by saying what a nasty make the candle wax left. after Venus was done, she said that Psyche could see Cupid again once she proved she was good at some tasks. Psyche knew that Venus would try to give her some very difficult tasks, but all she could think about was cupid. These task included, sorting thousands of seeds in one day, getting the golden wool of ferocious sheep that tear you to shreds, and going to the underworld to fetch a box of Hades' wife, Proserpina's beauty.
All along these tasks, Cupid was watching Psyche. He made sure there was someone to help her at every task so she can complete it. On her way back from the Underworld, Psyche got curious and wanted some of Proserpina's beauty for herself, but when she went to open the box, she fell to the ground, since mortals cannot handle that kind of beauty. Cupid saw and took her up to Jupiter (Zeus) to help stop his mother's games. Jupiter agreed and gave Psyche a drink that made her immortal, so they can spend there lives together. After that the wedding festivities began and all the Gods, even Venus came, because even she knew when to back down to a higher power, and with the help of different people and the force of love, Psyche finds her true ,atch and has a happy ending.
Climax (Turning Point)
One night after her sisters have visited and gotten into her mind, Psyche, decides that once her love is asleep she lit a candle to see his face and what he looked like. Psyche was taken back by seeing Cupid and she accidentally dropped a drop of candle wax onto Cupid's arm, and not as soon as it touched him, he blew it out. That night Cupid felt betrayed and after telling Psyche why he was so angry, he fled and the palace disappeared. Psyche was devastated but she knew she had to find her love, no matter what she had to do. After searching for weeks, she realized she needed to go to Olympus, better yet , Venus.
Exposition continued......
All mortals are so taken by Psyche's natural beauty, they stop worshiping Venus (Aphrodite) and pay more attention to Psyche. That means no one has been making sacrifices to her shrine, so she sends out her son, Cupid, to shoot a love arrow at her, to make her fall in love with some hideous beast Venus is planning to put next to her beside.
From the story: Cupid and Psyche
Psyche and Cupid
Pictures #1,2,3
Psyche coming back from the Underworld with Proserpina's beauty in a box
Venus, Goddess of Love and beauty, and she is also Cupid's mother that trys over and over to kill Psyche.
Pictures #4,5
Jupiter,(Zeus) is king of the Gods and who Cupid went to to stop Venus. He also gave Psyche the power of immortality.
1) (Up on the mountain) "Looking at the somber faces around her, she said, "For years you have delighted in my beauty... I have felt like a hollow shell- a statue of Venus, as you have dared to call me. And that has been my downfall, I fear. Go now. I want to meet my fate alone" (Price 110).
2) "All at once, Psyche felt herself lifted into the air" (Price 111).
3) "Agreed, dear husband. It does not matter what you look like" (Price 115-116).
4) "Psyche's search continued for days and then weeks" (Price 121).
5) "How ugly I must be with my cut hands and feet, dirty face, and red eyes. Will Cupid ever bother to look at me again" (Price 124)?
-always putting others first
Psyche wondering into the garden of the mysterious mansion she was carried off to.
5 Literary Devices:
1) SIMILE- "She seemed like a perfect marble statue of Venus." (105)

2) IMAGERY- "Golden pillars held up golden ceilings. And between the silver walls stretched a floor embedded with priceless gems. She was standing on diamonds, pearls, and emeralds larger than her hand." (113)

3) HYPERBOLE- "Yet Psyche felt as though lightening had struck her heart." (114)

4) SIMILE- "Time and time again they reached out to touch a treasure. And each time they felt certain it would pop like a soap bubble." (116)

5) IDIOM- "For there is an invisible cord which ties your hearts together." (125)
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Price, Michele, and William S. E. Coleman, Jr. Retold Classic Myths: Volume 1. Vol. 1. Logan, IA: Perfection Form, 1990. Print.

A hero for her true love
By: Sierra Dickinson
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