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History of Hip Hop Presentation

"Hip Hop's Journey"

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Transcript of History of Hip Hop Presentation

-Formed during the 70's
-block and house parties
-NYC, African Americans The End Hip Hop
Institutions The History of Hip Hop Hip Hop's Journey Environment Movies 2010's Types of Music/Past Present & Future of Hip Hop Visual Art Inspired by Hip Hop there are about 810 dance studios/schools/halls in Ontario alone Where did it all start? Hip Hop Steps/Movement The End The End 1960's 1990's 1970's 2000's 3 Styles of Hip Hop... Break Dancing (B-boying) -African & Latino youth
-Early 70's
-"Getting excited," "acting energetically," "causing a disturbance"
-Martial arts, gymnastics & yoga movements Locking -"Campbellocking"
-Funk Dance
-Don Campbell, 1960
-"locking" your dance moves Popping -one of the original Funk Styles
-dancer quickly contracting muscles to cause a "jerk"
-"hit" or "pop" Claire's School Of Dancing (Sudbury) Project Dance (Sudbury) Extreme Dance Studio (Coniston) Renee's Dance Connection (North Bay) Barbara Treleaven School of Dance (North Bay) Sherry Walsh Academy Of Dance Arts (Sault Ste. Marie) Melissa Kelly Dance Acadamy (Timmins) OIP Dance Centre (Toronto) About Hip Hop
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