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Designer Babies

Like it or not, the era of designer babies is officially here , I want a beautiful baby with blue eyes!

angga rio

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Designer Babies

Is a term used to describe a baby whose
genetic make- up has been artificially
selected by genetic engineering Designer Baby
Genetic Enhancement Like it or not, the era
of designer babies is
officially here , I want a
beautiful baby with blue eyes! How is a designer baby' created? 1. An embryo is created by in-vitro fertilization (IVF)

2. Genetic engineers modify the embryo’s DNA and then introduce it into a womb Reproductive Technique Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). 1. They take a couple's sperm and eggs of parents

2. They fertilized to produce embryos

3. Scientist analyze diseases or traits that the parent dont
want in their child

4. Only healthy embryos would be injected into UTERUS

5. There are spare parts babies made to help out a different
sibiling that is diagnosed with serious diseases Supporting Facts 1. Genetic screening would eliminate the possibilities for a baby to be born with certain diseases such as Down Syndrome, and Rare Blood Disorders.

2. Parents can "ENHANCE" their child's mental or physical abilities

3. Quality of new generation people would be much greater, there will be many smart people, and it will benefit society as a whole Opposing Facts 1. It might be a good way to save a child's life,but not everyone seems to agree, many people say that this process is unethical,
and the start of a "SLIPPERY SLOPE" will lead to human cloning.

2. High risk of serious abnormality, we never know for sure if changing certain parts of a gene will have unintended result

3. Society will split into 2 groups, rich and poor. Those who can design their babies and
those who can't. How much would a designer baby cost? $18,000

1. Enhance = To make it better
2. Slippery Slope = not a good situation that can lead to a disaster
3. Embryo = an organism in the early stages
4. Uterus = An organ where a baby develops before birth
5. Genetic defects = an imperfection that is present at birth Glossary of Terms CONCLUSION I am against designer babies, it's totally immoral. We shouldn't play the role of God and nature, it might not apply to atheist but it will have a negative impact on society, only rich people can have desired children, it could also lead to human cloning. However, in some cases I truly believe designer babies should be allowed to save a child's life, help sick siblings, to prevent genetic diseases. Genetically Modified Ethical or Unethical?

Originally meant to treat people with genetic disease

Technologies has been developed to help scientifically
enhance human physical appeareance, physchologycal,
and intellectual, Specific Purposes Thank you
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