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Active and Passive Characterisation

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 20 March 2018

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Transcript of Active and Passive Characterisation

Active and Passive Characterisation
Techniques for effect
Narrative Voice

Narrative Perspective

Lexical Choice


Plot Structure
Beauty & The Beast
As far as you understand, what is the narrative of the beauty (Belle for Disney fans!) in
Beauty and The Beast

Would you consider her an active character in terms of her narrative?
Two Extracts
On the sheet in front of you are two extracts from separate stories in Angela Carter's
The Bloody Chamber

Both re-tell the narrative of 'Beauty and The Beast' in different ways, but with distinct characterisations of the female character.

Identify which extract you think presents an 'active' Beauty, and which one presents a 'passive' Beauty - supporting with
at least
three pieces of evidence.
In Context
Angela Carter was a feminist writer whose work challenged the representation of women in Literature.

Bloody Chamber
, sought to deal with the treatment of women in traditional fairytale narratives.

Which of the two extracts do you think provides the most interesting challenge to a fairytale female character expectations and why?
Active & Passive
What do you think the difference is between an 'active' and a 'passive' character in a narrative?

Attempt a definition for each one.
L.O.- To identify and evaluate the ways in which Angela Carter shapes characters' identities.
- To incorporate context into analysis

What aspects and features of writing can we look at to identify how 'active' characters are?
A Father loses his beautiful daughter to a beast.
The beast keeps her locked in his house for a long time.
She is let home where she is convinced to leave him
He starts to die, so she returns and her tears change him into a handsome prince.
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