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Present continuous

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Laura Cristina Navarrete

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Present continuous

To talk about activities happening now. To talk about activities happening around now, and not necessarily this very moment. To talk about activities happening in the near future, especially for planned future events. Present Continuous It is used to describe that something is happening at the moment of speaking. Write what's happening in each scenery: Ex: Santiago is studying really hard for his exams this week. Ex: My family is coming for dinner tomorrow. Structure Subject + Verb To be + Verb ing + Complement Ex: Susana and Camila are talking right now a. b. c. d. Write on your notebook a paragraph about what's happening this week for you Read this poem: Rainy Day

clouding, shrouding deep darkening, dripping, drizzling, dropping, plopping, falling, pouring, teeming, streaming, bouncing, splashing, sploshing, washing, puddling, muddling, soaking, drenching, quenching, flushing, gutter-rushing, raining, draining

watering the world

Mike Jubb Find out its meaning and write a poem about another kind of day yourself. Write on your schedule about what are you going to do this week.

Ex: Tomorrow I'm going to play Call of Duty with my friends, and....
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