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about c

No description

Arsh deep bhangu

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of about c

About digital camera and telephone!!!!!
fact about telephone!!!!!
5 disadvantages of a digital camera and advanntages !!!
How does a cordless telephone work
cordless telephone are one of those minor miracles of modren life-- with a cordless phone, you can talk on the phone while moving freely about your house or in your yard
About digital cameras!!!!!
Digital cameras produce instant photos that you can print or share online. Essentially , a digital camera image is just a lg string of 1s and 0s that represent all the tiny colored dots--or pixels -- that make up an image.This format allows digital camera to produce instant photos that you can edit , print and share online!!!
Mostly people use camera to take pictures or they could make a video instant camera is different then a digital camera we could print pictures or you could share it online!.
8 advantages of a digital camera!
Eliminates film processing : This probably the most

photography is undoubtedly one of the most important inventions in history--it has truly transformed how people conceive of the world. Now we can '' see'' all sorts of things that are actually many miles -- and years-- away from us. photography lets us capture moments in time and preserve them for year to come.The basic technology tat makes all of this possible is fairly simple A still film camera is made three basic elements: an optical element ( the lens), a chemical element (the film) and a mechanical element ( the camera body itself ) . As we'll see, the only trick to photography is calibrating and combining and combining these .
How camera and telephone work!

I hope you liked my presentation and you
and i really learned new things about a camera and a telephone!!!!!!!
The telephone was painted in by Alexander Graham bell. He thought that the phone should be answered by saying Ahoy or Hoy Hoy . In 1892 Dr. bell opened a long distance service call between new york an Chicago. The telephone is made up of 201 parts . into these parts there are 110,000 smaller separate parts . A telephone converts sound into an electronic single that is able to be transmitted through cables or other transmission media.
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