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Fishbowl Discussion

No description

Mary Bromwell

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Fishbowl Discussion

What is a Fishbowl? Discussion Topics Grading During
the Discussion Timing Each question will be discussed for 8 - 10 minutes.

Your discussion will be with the other people who are assigned the same topic.

Each student should be prepared to discuss:
their opinion
reasons for their opinion
background info or examples In class tomorrow you will participate in a Fishbowl Discussion. Today I am going to give you the topic that you will discuss tomorrow.

Tonight you should make sure that you understand the question, think about your opinion, and practice speaking about the topic.

This will count as part of your project grade, so
take it seriously.

If you are absent you will lose the points. Fishbowl Discussion Students will be graded on 5 criteria:
Opinion and reasoning
speaking fluency
Advanced vocabulary use
Use of related phrases and idioms
Continues discussion, agrees/disagrees, or clarifies Students listening to the discussion
will give feedback and make notes.

Good notes will receive extra points.

Listeners may not speak. Speaking from outside the circle will cause loss of points. It is called a Fishbowl Discussion
because 4-5 speakers have a discussion in the middle circle while the people outside listen. Now, here are your topics! You must use these in

your discussion! Responding to an argument
Yes, but...
You are right that _, however_...
But on the other hand Approval and Disapproval
I think it's fine to...
I strongly approve of...
It's not right that...
It's wrong to... Emphasizing Points
Let me stress that...
You need to remember that...
Don't forget that... Paraphrasing
I mean...
Let me put it another way...
In other words... Asking for Clarification
What does _ mean?
What do you mean by _?
Could you explain _? Discussion Phrases Topic 1
In general, who should be responsible for developing and paying for alternative energies? The government, energy companies, scientists at universities, alternative energy organizations? Topic 2
The city council has voted to raise taxes by 1% in order to put solar energy systems in all government buildings. Do you approve or disapprove of raising taxes? Topic 3
A dam will provide cheap hydroelectric power to millions of people. However, it will require hundreds of people to leave the valley where they have been living for many years. Do you approve or disapprove of building the dam? Topic 4
A proposed geothermal plant near your town will reduce your energy bills. However, the steam that is released contains a gas that smells like rotten eggs. Do you approve or disapprove of building the plant? Topic 5
Your neighbor wants to install a wind turbine in his backyard. Do you approve or disapprove? Discussion Feedback What's good? What's bad?
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