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12. Appreciology MDC

No description

The Impact Group

on 22 January 2018

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Transcript of 12. Appreciology MDC

The Impact Group
an art and a science
A brand is a promise
What does good leadership look like?
What is appreciation?
Appreciating What You Have
(instead of focusing on what you lack)

Appreciation Health Benefits
Parasympathetic and Oxytocin
Why is appreciation critical in the workplace?
Recruitment and Retention
of Amazing Staff
You can't make anyone do anything
Catch people doing
something right!
It's SIC
Appreciation Log
(not quite)
Create a Culture
of Appreciation
10% of people are stinkers
When People are Appreciated
They FEEL liked
Practical Ways to
Demonstrate Appreciation
It's amazing what you can get done if you don't care who gets the credit!
Use the word “Together”

What does appreciation look like? 
Holding others accountable
for performance
Not a Place to Sit!
For changing or directing staff behavior
escribe - the behavior of concern or in need of correction (objectively).
xpress - how you feel and how it impacts the situation.
pecify - what you expect to happen differently.
onsequences - positives if change,
negatives if no change.
Show appreciation for the larger
moral/ethical/ social purpose 
Small acts of kindness
Your brand is how you treat those you serve and those you work with
Karma = Doing
Who We Are
A full-service Marketing, Communications and Public Relations firm located in Hudson, Ohio.
Specializing in Strategic Planning, Communication Strategies and Supervisory Trainings for Agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities.
Specialties include marketing and public relations for municipal governments, non-profits, for-profits, school districts, health care groups and start-up entrepreneurs.
Tom Received a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science degree at Ohio University and received his Master's degree in Political Science at the University of Akron. As fellow co-founder of The Impact Group, Tom has 20 years of marketing and community engagement experience.

Tom Speaks
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