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BIOL2012 Birds I

By Layne Warner, Cody ONeill and Blair

Layne Warner

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of BIOL2012 Birds I

By: Layne Warner
Cody O'Neill
Blair Patchin Birds Sexual Selection Females are choosy!
Males are competitive!

Thus, males must step up their game to be selected by a female Evidence for Sexual Selection Examples in Nature: Good genes! Good genes= the hypothesis that dominant males
are chosen because they have great genes
Q. Still, how do females judge “good” genes? As you can see, males are elaborately decorated!
(Male on bottom; female above) This shows the extreme morphological difference between males and females, and the lengths males must go to impress the female! It can't be easy for males to produce such elaborate plumage and displays. We know it is for sexual selection, but... how & why do females choose which males make the cut? Loyau et al used sexual selection
with peacocks to explore reasons
behind female preference Methods Results Significance Sources Background Study Eyesp t
Sexual display
"LPS" challenges the immune system and induces
an inflammatory response followed by the production
of specific antibodies 24 territorial peacocks observed over 105 hours!
Recorded sexual displays
Took photos of males displaying & counted number of eyespots
Injected males with LPS Peacock males injected with LPS that had more eyespots had a better ability at maintaining normal displaying to females (Caffarella, 2010) (Eowyn, 2013) (Bird of Paradise, 2011) (Lauren, 2011) (Sarah, 2012) (Caouette, 2009) (Cauoette, 2009) Arma, T. (2008). Happy Babies. World of Animals. Web Image.
Bird of Paradise. (2011). Word Press: Animals. Web Image.
Caffarell, R. (2010). Photo of the day: Peacock, New Zealand. National Geographic. Web Image.
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Eowyn. (2013). Creation: Birds of Paradise. Fellowship of the Minds. Web Image.
Lauren. (2011). Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise. Animal A Day. Web Image.
Loyau, A., Saint Jalme, M., Cagniant, C., Sorci, G. (2005). Multiple sexual advertisements honestly reflect health status in peacocks (Pavo cristatus). Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology 58: 552–557.
Sarah. (2012). 8 Peacock Tattoo Meanings. You Queen. Web Image.
Youtube. (2012). Family guy bird is the word. More eyespots
=> greater ability to fight off infection
=> healthier status overall Thank you! (Arma, 2008) Birds of Paradise! Many species exhibit selection for sexual
traits, as seen in peacocks & the birds of paradise Thus, this phenomenon may be more widespread than previously
acknowledged Reproduction is the most important
stage in an animal's life! In order to achieve fitness, an animal MUST pass on
its genes to a future generation (Youtube, 2012) Taxonomy! Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Galliformes
Family: Phasianidae
Subfamily: Phasianinae
Genus: Pavo Impressed? Chris "Birdman" Anderson AHHHH, I'm so
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