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The Letter

Do what you can do to hope more.

White Fire

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Letter

The Life of Ance
In Russia, there was a nine year old boy named Ance Aubergeam. He fixed and made leather shoes for other wealthy people in Russia.
On Christmas Eve, he wasn't sleeping. He was writing a letter to his grandfather. His boss and boss's wife were at church.
He took a rusted pen from his boss's cabinet, and started writing.
Starting the Letter
Ance took a look at the window, and started to write.
"Dear Grandpa Constantine,
I am writing a letter to you. I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas, and may God protect you. Both of my parents have died, and my only living relative left is you."
Grandfather was probably standing outside of the neighborhood trying to warm up while guarding the house. It might've cold as ice.
At least there wasn't any wind tonight. There are many stars outside and the temperature is starting to warm up. That should make things easier for Grandfather, thought Ance.
Ance sighed, and continued to write his letter.
Continuing the Letter
"Last night I was beat up because I accidentally fell asleep next to my boss's baby when I was supposed to be watching the baby. My boss had pulled me into the courtyard by my hair, and beat me even harder.
Earlier this week, the boss's wife told me to clean the trout. I started cleaning the tail, and then the wife got angry, so she opened the fish's mouth, and used the teeth to scratch my face."
Continuing the Letter
"The other shoemaker's think I am small and puny, so they make fun of me. They tell me to steal wine, and the boss's cucumbers. I barely have anything to eat; a small portion of bread for breakfast and dinner, and some porridge for lunch. My boss gets to eat all the good food.
I have to sleep in the hallways, and if the baby cries, I can't sleep. I can only rock the crib and wait for the baby to sleep. Dear Grandpa, save me. I can't stand it! I will do anything for you. If you don't come, I can only die."

My Village
" Talk about Moscow, is rich, with a lot of old people, well-trained dogs and horses, but no sheep.
The children here don't carry lanterns on Christmas day, and you can't sing any Christmas carols you'd like to sing on stage. Once, I passed a fishing store, and there were all kinds of fish hooks, but they were very expensive. One hook is said to be able to catch a ten pound fish. I also find all kinds of guns like the kind my boss has. The guns are about 100 pence.
The meat store has all kinds of bird meat, and animal meat. I've asked them where they hunt for the animals, but they wouldn't tell me."
Ance paused, looked at the blurry candlelight, and thought of the times he was with his grandfather. Grandfather Constantine was the night watcher of his neighborhood, a thin smart man, and 65 years old. He was also optimistic.
In the morning his grandfather would sleep in the big kitchen, and at night, he would wear his goat fur coat, and guard the neighborhood.
Ance sighed, rubbed his eyes, and continued the letter.
"I will help you prepare the cigarettes," he wrote. "I will pray to God for you, and if I do bad things, you can beat me as hard as you want. If you are worried that I won't find a job, I can polish leather shoes, and if I can't, I will ask the Shepard if I can watch the sheep. Dear Grandpa, please help me, the only path left for me is death.
When you get older, I can take care of you, and nobody will bully you. Please help me Grandfather... I want to go to your village. "
The Letter
"Dear Grandpa, when you hang the candy canes on our Christmas tree, please save one for me. Hide it in my green box I left in your room."
Ance remembered when he was with Grandfather Constantine during Christmas when he was little. He looked at the window blankly. He always went to the woods with Grandpa to cut down the Christmas tree. It was so fun!
It was cold, and Grandpa would cough, and Ance imitated Grandpa's cough. Grandfather would inhale the drug that made him hyper, and start laughing with Ance. A rabbit would run out from the woods while Ance would chase it. "Get it! Get it!" shouted Grandpa.
Grandfather would haul the Christmas tree into his house, and the others would start decorating it.
"Please Grandfather Constanine, " Ance continued to write. "I can see your face every night on my pillow. Please take me away from here. Pity me Grandfather, pity me...
Everybody here hates me, I am going to starve to death, I am so lonely, and I'm so sad, I can't express anything except for tiredness. I always cry. Once my boss hit me very hard on the head, and then I fainted... I could only do so much to get myself awake again. My life is almost in the hands of Death, and my life is worse than a dog. Grandfather, please come!"
Ance looked at the letter, and folded it into fours. He put the letter in the envelope he purchased the day before for one pence. On the envelope he wrote, "By the countryside, to my grandpa." He looked at it and wrote Grandfather's full name, "Constantine Aubergeam".
Ance happily went out on the streets without his jacket. He had asked the chef in the meat place where he should deliver the mail. The chef said in the bucket where the white horses stood by.
Ance walked to the bucket, and put his precious letter in the bucket.
After one hour, Ance fell asleep. He was very happy, and proud. He dreamed that his grandfather received his letter, and was reading one word after another. His dogs were there watching him.
Ance was watching Grandfather too.
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