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Al Cheeks

on 9 April 2010

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Transcript of Project

World War 2 Air crafts American Planes - B-29 was used to bomb Japan on August 6, 1945.
- The F4f wildcat, sb2c helldiver, and F4u corsair were the most conmen used planes during World War 2. German Planes
Messerschmitt 109e, Flocke-Wulf FW 109, Ju-87 stuka.

Bombed and attacked Britain from the air in 1939 know as the Battle of Britain

Many of Germany’s battle tactics were through the air. Japanese Planes
Japanese were one of the first to use aircrafts for war purposes.
Airplane are what was used to bomb pearl harbor in 1941.
Japanese pilots put war over their life's “Kamikaze” British Planes
only had one plane design furring world war 2 due too less care of their military after world war 1. About All Planes
Planes developed from weapons less planes, to machine gun loaded, missile bombing weapons of destruction.
Planes were one of the strongest weaponary in the German attacks known as Blitzkrieg.
planes were used to scout out enemy territiories, and suprise attacks.
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