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Jayson Balasulia

on 20 October 2014

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The system uses mini dynamo motor for lifting up and down the elevator box.
The device is operated with 9 volts Power Supply.
The design project uses LED as indicator for designating floor levels.
The simple elevator uses push buttons for choosing desired floors.

The project focuses only the vertical movement of elevator car.
The design project has a limited number of elevator control system.

The team finally accomplished the Simple Elevator after all the months of planning, research, testing and all the hard works and the infinite value of determination. The system can successfully move vertically to serve the user.
The researcher aimed to construct a logic design circuits through elevator system, to provide effective solution of transporting goods and to move easily between the floors of the building was achieved.
Hence the objectives of the design project have been successfully obtained. The whole process of the design was successfully functioning.

Project Objective
To design and construct a “Simple Elevator” on or before October 22, 2014.
1. To design and construct a logic design circuit that utilizes AND and NOT Gates.
2. To be able to analyze the operation of logic components and switching functions of logic gates.
3. To construct a device that provides accessibility solution for moving vertically between floors of a building.

Logic gates are the basis of digital electronics. It performs basic logical functions and the fundamental building blocks of digital integrated circuits. Each chip usually has about 4 logic gates. Most logic gates take an input of two binary values, and output a single value of a 1 or 0. Real computers don't use these kinds of gates, because they take far too much space. Some circuits may have only a few logic gates, while others, such as microprocessors, may have millions of them.
There are seven types of logic gates, three main basic types of digital logic gate, the AND Gate, the OR Gate and the NOT Gate. By combining thousands or millions of logic gates, it is possible to perform highly complex operations. The maximum number of logic gates on an integrated circuit is determined by the size of the chip divided by the size of the logic gates.

With the population growing the need for housing is increasing with the lack of livable area, housing as increased into multi level units. But these multi-level structures would have basically unusable if it weren’t for another technological innovation that came along around the same time, thus our design project ’Simple Elevator’ is built and developed.
An elevator system is an easy concept to understand. In its simplest form there is a single elevator, moving vertically for serving users an all floor levels. It control the flow of foot traffic between various floors of buildings, It allow disabled persons to access between level floors.
Our design project is also beneficial for transporting heavy items and office equipment between various levels of the building. Most importantly, it enhances the quality of our lives.

Basically an elevator system consists of power supply, IC logic gates 7404 and 7408, LEDs, relays, motor, push button and resistor. Push button is connected on the Vcc , when it is pressed it activates the relay and gives signal to the AND gate that runs the LEDs and the motor. When the other button is pushed it goes the same way but now, an inverter is activated. The input signal of the inverter is connected on Vcc stands for logic 1, therefore the output signal is 0. The output of the inverter is connected on the AND gate of the other circuit. When the inverter gives the 0 signal on the AND Gate then it will produce a 0 output that is connected on relay. If the AND Gate gives the 0 signal to the relay, it turns the relay off. If the relay is turned off it also turned the LED and the motor of the other circuit off.
Through observations, planning and researches, the group came up with the idea of a “Simple Elevator.”
Having tested the device, reflections and conclusions have been formulated. In connecting together AND and NOT gates and others electronic components we constructed a logic circuit of an elevator system. This simple elevator is not only for controlling the flow of foot traffic between various floors of buildings, not only for accessibility of physically disabled person, transporting large things but also for creating more usable space. Elevators helped us a lot to use our spaces more effectively. If you compare with stairs you would see elevators take less space than a stair.
The whole project uses the relay an electrical device in which a small change in current or voltage controls the switching on or off of circuit.
Overall, the importance of the project is to attain effectively the objectives that had been created. Then correct layouts of prototype complete the design project.
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