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a&k 2.1

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of a&k 2.1

Let us
TO a Turkey you never dreamed existed.
Many think of the ‘ancient’ in terms of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.
there is a long line of
successive civilizations
in what is now Turkey stretching back
thousands of years more
‘If the Earth was a single state, its capital would be Constantinople.’
Napoleon Bonaparte
Visitors are often in
for an eye-opening
while exploring
However, there is much more than that.
But, let’s come back to this later, and go back
14,000 years
to Urfa in what is now SE Turkey...
In this country took place
the earliest developments
toward settled societies: first organized, agricultural 'townships' in world history featuring walled houses, shrines, irrigation systems - namely, toward what we call ‘
from 14,000 BC to 5,o00 BC.
with the oldest temple
known to man.

Göbeklitepe, 12,000 BC
And the
first “town”
ever created

Çatalhöyük: 7,000 BC.
These pre-historic communities were the pioneers of civilization:
invention of agriculture, urbanization, use of metals, astronomy, mathematics, our first laws and alphabetical script.
Bronze was invented here
at around 3500 BC to change the world forever. It was pure magic: bronze meant mass production, industry, weaponry...
the Bronze dagger of Hattushilish
ca2400 BC
The Bosphorus and the Dardanelles were already vital to mankind 5,000 years ago. And through the manipulation of the zinc trade, came
something else that changed the world forever:

Empires and the acquisition of immense political power.
The first of those kingdoms was that of
the Hittites
. From them
we’ve learned how to form governments, formulate and enforce laws, manage military, share and tax wealth, regulate trade, communicate diplomatically, build monumentally, make iron, use of chariots, wield metals and how to tame horses.
Something strange happened to the Hittite Empire around 1200 BC which we still cant really explain. A small part of that big ‘happening’ was to become the
well-spring of the Western Literature
.. a quasi-Hittite stronghold right on the verge of the Strait through which Bronze was taken to the rest of the world:
In the wake of the Hittite power, a series of hybrid kingdoms flourished. From the
, we learned
how to build houses
like we do now. They gave us the
‘frieze’, the rose, and the script
that later was adopted by Greek communities and we came to know as the
Greek alphabet
From the
, we learned how to manufacture alloys.
They revolutionized our world by inventing monetary trade, i.e.
The advanced local culture fused with that of the Greek settlers and gave us
the very foundations of the Western Culture.
It was here, in the area more commonly known as
, that human mind detached itself from dogma and myth and started to seek for measurable reality in the universe.

The Ionian Thinkers gave us:
Natural Sciences
‘The Individual’
This is Constantine, one of the most influential men ever lived.
It was only good sense when Constantine moved the Capital of the Roman Empire to further east from Rome to the ancient Byzantium in 323 AD, since Romans always held that they had descended from a Trojan named Aeneas.
So, from Constantine and his successors, we’ve received a new
world order
and our
political systems
In 1453, The Roman Empire was taken over by a new people who had their origins in the steppes of Central Asia and whose ancestors had been on the move for the past 800 years.
The rise to supremacy of the Ottoman Turks is one of the most powerful drams of all time.
In the 16th century, they ruled half the civilized world...
..from here:
Ottoman Empire started from very humble beginnings in 1300’s and within 150 years it grew into a massive empire. It was ruled by a Turkish dynasty, that of Osman, but
it was a multinational and multidimensional empire in every sense of the word.

Ottoman Empire started to weaken and
shrink in late 1700’s.
It entered WW1 in alliance with Germany.
From the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, Republic of Turkey
was born
in 1923.
A former Ottoman general – a war hero- Mustafa Kemal mobilized a War of Independence. The 3 year war drove
the Allied invasion off of Turkey.
In an amazing campaign thru the following decades Turkey renewed itself completely on Western standards. The alphabet, penal and civic codes and judicial systems, education, calendars, weight and distance measurement units, the government structure were adopted after Western systems. The republic became secular!
A founding member of NATO, Turkey remains the only truly secular Muslim nation to this day
So how are we faring with today’s traveller?
The earliest form of organized supply-chain are the
Caravansaray’s of the Silk Road
In 1841 Thomas Cook, a Baptist preacher, struck a deal with the Midland Railway to organize the transportation of 540 members of his temperance society.

The railway would offer a train ticket and lunch for the cost of 1 shilling or a current day equivalent value of approximately $70. For selling these packaged tickets, Cook received a commission from the railway.

In 1845, Cook arranged travel for 165,000 people without the aid of any technology.
Travel technology has changed over the years driven by the use of the technology.
Few stats and numbers
US-Resident Travel
Total departures for vacation
While in other countries:
Advance trip decision time (2014):
Prepaid Package:
Length of Stay: 16.4 nights (mean),
10 nights (median)
Average Number of Countries Visited:
One Country:
Two Countries:
Three or More:
First Time Visitors:
Number of International Trips/12 months:
Party Size:
45% Male
Average Age:
F 44,7. M: 45,6
NY (14%), CA (13%), TX (8%), FL (7%), NJ (6%).
Average Total Trip Expenditures: 2,634$/pp
Turkey Market Share:
Europe Market Share:
US Citizens visiting Turkey:
Top 10 US Citizen Departures:
, ATL,
(Bold served by THY)
The World's Top 100 Airlines – 2015

1 Qatar Airways 2
2 Singapore Airlines 3
3 Cathay Pacific Airways 1
4 Turkish Airlines 5
5 Emirates 4
6 Etihad Airways 9
7 ANA All Nippon Airways 6
8 Garuda Indonesia 7
9 EVA Air 12
10 Qantas Airways 11
Means of Booking Air Trip*:
Sources for Booking Lodging:
Travel Companions:
The next big thing:
What about
When any data or service is only a click away,
destination management
has gained a whole new definition.
We are convinced that a DMC ultimately is to deliver insightful, intuitive, adoptable, personalized, presentable, multi-faceted expertise of the destination.
The people who will look
after your people:

Dolunay Organizational Chart
Han Eryılmaz
Managing Director (on a bad-hair day)
Deniz Yürür
(Sr Director of Operations)
presumably having a good time by the Aegean on an inspection trip
of OPS
Emre Altay
Logistical Coordinator
(does that hand thing when pondering)
(Chief Financial Officer)
(red eyes)
Aslı Atamer
Leman Sencer (partly)

at Aslı’s birthday party
in the basement of the office.
& his Friday face.
Transfer assistant
Nihat Asal
Tour Guide
Leyla Topal
Taner Unal
Tour Guide
Toplum Biner
Tour Guide
The future of A&K
A&K Turkey proudly sustains the finest workforce in the country comprising of dedicated individuals each holding a university degree and has chosen to work in the travel industry,
because we love what we do.

We know the destination intimately:
we know every site,
every turn,
every subtlety.
We keep our staff members well trained.
Here, we have a sense of mission in what we do.
“When I came within the Dore, that which I did se was verrie wonderfull unto me...the sighte whearof did make me almoste to thinke that I was in another worlde...”
Thomas Dallam at the Sultan’s Court, 1599
Why A&K?

Why Turkey?

'The whole country is like a giant open air museum'
a traveler told,
'it is diversified, fascinating, beautiful, complex, fertile, rich, stimulating and most rewarding'...
Turkey as a travel destination offers :
historical heritage
diversified, all-beautiful landscape and
a wide range of travel content
culture of hospitable people
incredible produce and cuisine
possibly the world’s greatest
Well-established tourism infrastructure & know-how
steady and continuously booming economy.
affluent urban presence together with a strong rural culture
geographic diversity
seasonal diversity
climactic diversity
urban diversity
Easy (
and neat
to get to.
Best Airlines in Europe

1 Turkish Airlines

2 Lufthansa
3 Swiss Int'l Air Lines
4 British Airways
5 Austrian
6 Air France
7 Aegean Airlines
9 Virgin Atlantic
10 Finnair
The World’s Top 10 Airlines

1 Qatar Airways
2 Singapore Airlines
3 Cathay Pacific Airways
4 Turkish Airlines
5 Emirates
6 Etihad Airways
7 ANA All Nippon Airways
8 Garuda Indonesia
9 EVA Air
10 Qantas Airways
Calling Card
: let’s look into this ‘
history thing
’ for a few of minutes.
In the middle ages and the Renaissance, there remained two major attitudes in Europe toward
‘The Turk’.
One was ‘
’-the fear of 'the Turk'..
The other,
, ‘the addictive love for the wonderful things that came from Turkey’, such as:
So why, then, this ‘
What had the Turks taken from the Westerners that was so valuable?
For one thing, it was Constantinople.

The other was Asia Minor, or 'Anatolia', the power house of the Greek and Roman achievement.
The Turks are not the ‘original’ custodians of this land. They actually came from Central Asia. The migrations of the Turkic nomads across multiple continents and thousands of miles within a matter of 3 centuries, and their formidable conversion to settled societies forming and managing empires is one of the most important chapters of World History.
Turkey is replete with reminders..
In 325, Constantine convoked the Nicean Council: "
Nicean Creed
" establishes Christian doctrine. In the following centuries, 8 more of such ‘Ecumenical Council’s set what is now the Christian theology.
All of them met in what is now Turkey
, Christian iconography derived from more ancient prototypes.
The old city of Byzantium was re-created to be the center of the re-creation of the world by a new world power: a Christian Roman Empire.
In order to understand current world politics, we need to remember that the world is still dealing with the re-delineation of the Middle East and the Balkans in the aftermath of the Ottoman Empire.
Achieving the Superior Product
creation of innovative programs sensitive to local subtleties, patterns, needs and preferences
meticulous management of supplier relations: Fair
and Ethical Trade.

No false economy, whatsoever.
dynamic operational structure
continuous training of all staff members
optimization of all work flow and overheads
proactive customer monitoring.

transparency in client relations: client’s interests come first.
Principles of program design:
Most visitors travel to Turkey primarily for its unequalled cultural heritage and historic wealth
The travel experience always exceeds expectations
Fancy facilities alone do not define a luxury tour
Most tours to Turkey are very similar to each other
If so much wealth is so easy to find, why should anyone travel with us?
Governing the Concept of Quality
We take into consideration a myriad of parameters when customizing a program, from seasonal factors to urban patterns, from sunrise and sunset times to mobility issues, from your budget to transportation options, from very specific pros and cons of available accommodations to road conditions, and more.. and we ARE ALWAS FLEXIBLE on the ground.
We build our programs toward a perspective with a thread.

Itineraries are not to be collections of sites, moves and stays and ‘been-there-and-done-that’s’, but consciously designed experiences that speak to the senses, the soul, the mind.
We make an effort to showcase how the program’s elements are so fascinatingly interrelated.
We design everything to compliment the traveler’s perspective, and
we train all suppliers to do the same.

Appreciating that an unconventional approach
can be a useful tool
in creating interesting programs,
we challenge routines
to find drama.
Real people live here in real seasons:
Truly custom-designed and operated Private Programs
with loads of insider access.
Small Luxury Groups Journeys special:
“A Journey Through History”
The Aussie-special:
‘Treasures of Turkey’ Program
Designing Superior Programs
Do connect.
‘The Turquoise Coast’ & Gulet Vacations.
Ahmet and Seniz Engin:

Alper Yurtoglu:
VP of Planning
The cat that lives
in our garage:
The Last Great Destination
In this presentation:
and there is so much more.
Turkey is where the roots of our common culture are found.
Wonderful properties
to stay at...
delectable dining
in mesmerizing settings
hip and in, yo!
the nightlife capital of Europe
stunning scenery
and never a dull moment.
..their mighty empire,
..and their invincible military which could
"breach through the walls like swollen rivers".
and choices
Troy &
the iliad!
Paying attention to detail is important, but ability to discern and identify the subtleties to pay attention to is the winning quality.
sometimes night time brings out what day light hides...
which is a truly awesome thing....
..renovated out of authentic, historic buildings
for complete local immersion
The Triplets: Yoda, Tor-Tor, Olive Oil.
The industry's most proficient and dedicated workforce.
a time-bridge to places of destiny
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