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Porter Calvin Crisp

No description

Camilla Lane

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Porter Calvin Crisp

Porter Calvin Crisp By: Camilla Lane :) Places Visited/Served While in the Military: WWII War Fought in: Worst memory in Active Duty: Best Memory of Active Duty: Dates of Military training: Germany Texas Brigade He Grew up in Stecoah Places Of Military Training: Military Branch: He was born: November 13th, 1921 He Was Born in: Tuskeegee Army Fort Bragg, N.C Italy September 16, 1942 WWII He was shot in the leg. Porter Trained to operate a 30 cal. rifle mm and a machine gun. He died on: October 13th, 2000 He had three children, one of which is my Mamaw Debbie. France North Africa Rome To 1945 Special Person Porter met in combat: He met his Brother Oille Crisp. He Spent a full year in a fox hole, He was saved in the fox hole! Emotions/Feelings My Veteran experienced: This project taught me a lot about my great grandfather. Before this I knew nothing about him! Quote: Photo courtesy of: Donald Crisp Photo Courtesy of: Donald Crisp Photo Courtesy of: Donald Crisp Work Cited:

Crisp, Donald. Personal interview 17 Oct. 2012
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