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The Castle in the Attic

No description

Jenny Jones

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of The Castle in the Attic

The Castle in the Attic
BY: Darin Gordon

Castle in the Attic
Published by Random House
Book was made is 1985
Book Info
One main character is William. William is a kid with guts and heart. In
The Castle in the Attic
he was brave enough to shrink and help Sir Simon go and deafeat Alastor. William can be a nice person. Like making sure that Sir Simon is fed and well. Also William does gymnastics.

The other main character is Mrs. Phillips. Mrs. Phillips is from England. Mrs. Phillips loves William. By the way Mrs. Phillips is Willam's nanny. Mrs. Phillips is nice, kind, and forgiving.
Main Caracters
In the beginning there was a boy named William and his nanny Mrs. Phillip. Mrs. Phillip gave William a castle that was like a real castle with a draw bridge and a moat and all the other stuff a medieval castle could have. It came with a knight named Sir Simon. One night William went up stairs to go play with the castle. Then William picked up Sir Simon and he came to life! After a few days Sir Simon told William a story of magical creatures, wizards, dragons. Next you know what William starts his quest in another time another place where a evil wizard and dragon might battle William.
The setting of this book is in medieval time and in present time.

I would recommend this book to people that like fantasy and fiction. People should read this book because its action packed and funny. Also if you finish a chapter you're going to want to keep reading until it's over. Also I would give this book a five star ratting.
I think the theme of this book is to not be scared of a challenge. I think that is the theme because William is faced with a challenge and he takes it. Along the the way scary stuff happens and he still gets through. That's what I think the author is trying to say all through the book.
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