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Copy of Active and Passive Voice

A Grammar Mini-Lesson on the Active and Passive Voices and Their Importance in our Writing

Kelli Brown

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Active and Passive Voice

Active Voice
Why does it matter?
Active and Passive Voice
Passive Voice
Place your own picture
behind this frame!
Double click to crop it if necessary
San Francisco
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
The subject is doing the action.
I love
She chased me.
The dog ate its bone.
The subject becomes the recipient of the action.
I am chased
by her.
I am loved
by you.
The bone was eaten by the dog.
Your writing becomes
clearer with the
the active voice.
Then why do we have
the passive voice?
The passive voice is useful in
several forms of writing...
Scientific Research
If you wish to remain unbiased and
put focus on the topic at hand,
passive voice is your best bet.
Examples of
the passive
voice in
"Mistakes were made."
-Richard Nixon
"My homework isn't finished." -YOU
"My bike was stolen."
- Sad Kid
When writing for a
general audience,
the active voice is
always most efficient.
Identify the following sentences
as passive or active.
Then, rewrite the sentence to
change its format to active or passive.
A piece of plastic had been swallowed by the child.
Two separate people were given rides
in the new models by the designer.
I gave my mom a birthday present.
The batter hit the ball into the bleachers.
The old shed was painted
bright blue by the man's son.
"The DNA was
- A scientist
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"The grass-plot before the jail, in Prison Lane, on a certain summer morning, not less than two centuries ago, was occupied by a pretty large number of the inhabitants of Boston; all with their eyes intently fastened on the iron-clamped oaken door." The Scarlet Letter page 43
Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the passive voice!
"This rose-bush, by a strange chance, has been kept alive in history; but whether it had merely survived out of the stern old wilderness, so long after the fall of the gigantic pines and oaks that originally overshadowed it, or whether, as there is far authority for believing, it had sprung up under the footsteps of the sainted Ann Hutchinson as she entered the prison-door, we shall not take upon us to determine."
The Scarlet Letter Page 42
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