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Sourcing Model

No description

Andrew McCarty

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Sourcing Model

Two Service Offerings

Sourcing is engaged from the inception of the search.
Support is automatic for confidential requisitions and those at M2 level or higher.
Support can be requested for all other requisitions.
Current Process Overview
Sourcing Process Overview
Pre-Intake Research
<Prepares data for the Intake Meeting>

Objective understanding of current depth of resources available.
Review of similar previous work completed.
Address challenges of the search from the outset.
Intake Meeting
<Gathers Data & Sets Expectations>

Understand the minimum objective qualifications vs. the preferred qualifications.
Understand the value proposition being offered.
Inform the Hiring Manager of the process and timeline.
Sourcing Services
North America Talent Acquisition
Strategy Development
<Farming & Hunting>

Determine passive marketing methods and sources.
Determine active candidate targeting sources.
Optimize requisition for best response rate.
Service Level Agreement
<Codify Expectations & Process>

Clearly specify process responsibilities.
Commit to a performance timeline.
Hold Hiring Managers responsible for their duties.
Calibration Meeting
<Verification & Market Data>

Re-assess qualifications in the context of candidate profiles.
Communicate external response to value proposition.
Adjust strategy based on external market forces.
<Access for Real Time Status>

Reinforces the process.
Contains Service Level Agreement.
Capable of being referenced any time from any location (including mobile).

Sourcing is engaged after search is underway.
Support is automatic for requisitions 60 days from inception.
Forensic Review
<Current State Search>

Understanding of candidates, resources, strategy and tactics used.
Frank discussion of requisition challenges and opportunities.
Name Generation
<Regaining Traction>

Re-invigorate candidate pool through targeted research.
Tailor value proposition to high-value candidates using market data.
<Road Map>

Reinforces previous efforts.
Identifies both strategy and tactics of path forward.
Capable of being referenced any time from any location (including mobile).
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