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Mother Teresa

No description

Olga Vareli

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Mother Teresa

The 4 corners of the world
Her reputation spread on the four corners of the world, so she decided to help the four corners of the world.
Mother Teresa
As a child, she was extremely
kind and gentle.She would help whoever she saw in need.
Young age
At a very young age she made a promise to her father that she would always help other people.
The Church sent her to Calcutta in 1931.
Respect for every person
Now matter how poor , old or sick a person was, Mother Tereza and her team of volunteers tried to do their best to ease his/her pain.
when and where was she born?
she was born on August 27th 1910
in Skopje
What did she decide
when she was twelve years old?
It was then that she made a serious decision.
She decided to become a nun.Her father had some concerns.She was too young...
Just 21 years old...
She saw poverty, she saw suffering.
She asked for permission to leave her work as a teacher...
...to help the poor in the streets of Calcutta.
She built hospitals for them to protect them from diseases , she fed the hungry, and tried to save the orphans.
She built hundreds of centers in 120 countries around the world.
1979-Nobel PEACE Prize
She won the Nobel Prize .

She asked
the Nobel organization not to have
a dinner for her.She wanted that
money to feed 400 poor children
in India for a year...
In 1997 she caught pneumonia.She died leaving thousands of people crying for her.
Why do we remember Mother Tereza?
Because she spent her whole life helping those who couldn't help themselves.
She wouldn't stop helping.
The sky was the limit.
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