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Watership Down

A Wonderful presentation on the book 'Watership Down'

Stephanie w

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Watership Down

What Friendship can Do
So, what has friendship done? It has helped many people. An example is when an elementary student becomes friends with another student, then after they go through high school together, they go to different collages and don't keep in touch. After a few years, something tragic happens to one of them and the other helps.
In Cowslip's warren friendships were between rabbits and the farmer. I am assuming the rabbit made friends amongst themselves, because they mate.
In Efrafa, the does made a group of friends. The officers and captains were probably friends too. I also assume they made friends amongst each other to mate.
In Hazel's group, maybe not at first, but they all became friends after and during the journey to Watership Down.
Main Theme
What Change can Do
What has changed in Watership Down? A lot of stuff. Cowslip's warren is a great example. They made an nontraditional burrow (The Great Burrow), they carried food like dogs, and they made 'Shapes' on the wall. They also strayed from traditional rabbit beliefs of
El-ahrairah, and lived around snares. They would sacrifice a few rabbits to get good food and no elil! They also have no Chief Rabbit.
In Efrafa, they too, changed a lot. They set up their own system of concealment which contained the Owslafa, and Introduced the Wide Patrol.
Hazel's warren changed too. They took on the Honeycomb, and fought elil instead of running away from them.
Hyzenthlay's point of view
What is Hyzenthlay's point of view? Find out in this video!I hope this shows the main theme.
Friendship is Over Powering
Isn't it so true? Friendship
over powering! True friends have helped you at some point in your life.
Good weather friends can rain on your day.
You have to choose your friends wisely if you want a strong relationship with them. It is the same with rabbits too. To have a strong relationship with someone, both rabbits and humans, you have to work for it.
Watership Down
What Change and Friendship can Do
What is the theme to me? It is: 'What change and friendship can do.'
I conclude that the main theme is 'What change and friendship can do'. From my explanations, I hope you have an understanding of what I think the theme is. Thank-you!
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