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Personal Development Leadership Plan

No description

Katie Parker

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Personal Development Leadership Plan

Overall Approach to the assignment Frameworks & Models used Action Plan BC Appraisal
Strategic Objective's
Managers Feedback
The 11 qualities of the effective manager
SWOT Analysis model
EDMS Residential Bibliography
1)Pedler, M. Burgoyne, J. Boydell, T. (2007), A Manager’s Guide to Self Development, Edition 5, McGraw-Hill Professional, Glasgow.
2)Armstrong, M. (1994), How to Become a Better Manager, Edition 4, Kogan Page Limited, St Ives.
3)Gill, R. (2006), Theory and Practice of Leadership, Edition 1, SAGE Publications Ltd, Great Britain.
4)Mullins, L. (2005), Management and Organisational Behaviour, Edition 7, Pearson Education Limited, Spain.

1)Hill, L. Lineback, K. (2011) ‘Are you a Good Boss or a Great boss’, Harvard Business Review.
2)Mumford, A. (1995) ‘Learning styles and mentoring’,
3)Caple, J. Martin, P. (1994) ‘Reflections of two pragmatists’,

Personal Leadership Development Plan
Presentation - Assignment part 2 Executive diploma in Management Studies
Module: Advanced Professional Development

Tutor: Martin McAvearey

Katie Louise Bell
21/01/2013 Looked at:
Examples of PLDP
CMI work – SWOT Analysis & PDP
BC Appraisals
Manager’s feedback
BC Strategic objectives
The 11 qualities of the Effective Manager questionnaire
Books and websites Thank You Any Questions? My Organisation -
Personal Development Approaches OD department
Mentoring/Work Shadowing
In house Staff development sessions
Funding for work related subjects
50% of all commercial courses
Providing education for 120 years
Over 15,000 students to date
College OFSTED inspection 'Outstanding'
Turnover £46million

Founded in 1888 as a Technical College
Provider of HE 1964 Facilities & Estates Overall Responsibility for the Buildings

Helpdesk Services Supervisor
Manage and run the Helpdesk, Post Room &
Administration Key Development Goals & Priorities AREA Priority

Managerial Experience H
Relevant professional knowledge H
Self-Knowledge H
Learn more about the college and management H
Balanced learning habits and skills H
Control of Staff M
Dealing with stressful tasks or situations M
Struggle to put my point across M
Balancing work, home and Study M
Lack of Confidence and Self Belief in my ability M Managerial Experience
Work shadow - Aug 2013
Mentor - Mar 2013
Take on extra work - Ongoing

Relevant Professional Knowledge
Finance Computer Systems - Jul 2013
Bespoke Helpdesk Software - Apr 2013

Build Confidence - Sept 2013
Build self- belief - Sept 2013

Balanced Learning Habits and Skills
Read more Books & Articles - Jul 2014
Observe & reflect on meetings & situations - May 2013
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