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No description

eva thompson

on 26 November 2015

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now, bee pee, well bee pee comes mixed with bee poop and comes from the same location as there poo which is there rear or behind/ butts hehe.
its near the stinger but further then the wax producing component.
bees dont usually pee as you or i would, they release a tiny bit or uriac acid that is mixed in with there poop.
they need to conserve water as much as possible.
bee poop and pee is a mustard like substance that is put on other flowers and plants.
bees do this in order to dispose of waste products like other animals.
however,additionally bees poo and poo and pee on flowers and plants in order to leave scent trails for other bees.
and obviously bee poop comes out of there behind/ butts hehe
wax is produced from underneath there abdomens from four wax mirrors.
the bees catch the wax produced with there hind legs, pass it up to the middle and there front legs then, using their mouth parts working as a team, mould the wax into cappings etc.
bee wax and poo and pee

As for honey bee honey is not bee poo or pee.
it is a collection of flower nectars, bee spit and wax.
there might be a tiny bit of bee waste, but its insignifigant.
so im just going to show you a couple pictures of bee pee and poo just so you get the picture then we will move on to there wax
thanks for watching
so that was just a little break from all the bee stuff so back to bees

sorry there wasnt much about bee wax there was only a little bit about bee wax because it was mainly about bee poo and pee but there wasnt much info so i just added a little bit of info about bee wax
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