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free-Running and Parkour

No description

Nicole Johnson

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of free-Running and Parkour

Parkour Nicole Johnson Parkour is moving from point A to point
B as quickly as possible. Which was
developed in France.

The components of parkour is having
strength, flexibility, percision, reflexes,
recovery,relaxation, and balance

http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-main-components-of-parkour What is Parkour? A physical and mental art which
disciplines a person and trains with
intent to develop their mind to
overcome and interact with challenges
or obstacles in a natural or urban
environment in intelligent manners.

The components of Free-Running are the same as parkour

https://sites.google.com/site/elementalmovement/what-is-the-art-of-movement What is Free-Running? In parkour the object is to get from one point
to another by a means that is swift and skilled.
however doing complicated "tricks" that, while entertaining are unnecessary is not considered parkour. take this example: you are in a room where on one wall has a unlocked door and an open window on one wall. if you were to run up a wall and grab that window and go through, when you could have gone through the door, you wouldnt be doing parkour. parkour is intended on getting from point A to Point B via fastest means. Short Description Free-Running is similar to parkour except it includes style more so than parkour. As a Free-Runner you would take the last example and would jump though that window, probably doing a flip while at it. This is because as a Free-Runner you take satisfaction in being able to successfully do a challenge like that. Short Description History Parkour is called the "Big Boy" version of follow the leader, Which tests physical ability of a man/woman to its max

The word "Parkour" comes from the French word Parcours meaning course. A Traceur is someone who partakes in Pakour.

A man names George Herbert (French Man) introduced this concept to a man named David Bell who taught it to his father than incorporated it into his martial arts. History Cont. Free-Running was first introduced at Ballibay ( a camp) in 2007 as a technique to aid the cast of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing in many chases the evasions in the production.

It was also introduced in France Prior Training Needed Get into Shape- do endurance work and basic Calisthenics like push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and squats. Some experts say you should be able to do 25 push ups, 5 pull ups, and 50 full squats and 75 sit ups successfully beginning parkour or free running

Practice landing and rolling moves-Parkour requires a lot of vertical movement high and low jumps can be painful so learning how to land can ease the pain.

Practice you basic moves frequently- if you get the basic moves down you can move on to more intricate moves. Prior Training Needed You need to practice regularly- if you don't practice than you wont be able to learn or add onto the stuff you want to do.

Explore-Try the basic moves you learned in a different enviroment and discover new ways to move over and around the objects in your own unique way.

You need to start in a safe place- you don't want to try roof hopping if you have never tried it or if you don't know how to fall correctly, start in a safe/ soft place. A good place is a Gymnastics gym. Prior Training Needed Develop your own skill -Finally add your own personal flair to what you are doing. Make it entertaining to those watching or to the people you run with. The Main Muscles used in parkour are within the leg (Quadriceps Group, Vasti Group, the Hamstring Group, Gastrocnemious and Gluteus Maximus), but the arms play a crucial and vital rold within the movement. Specific Muscles Used Exercises Push Ups- Basic Triangle, Diamond, Elevated, Wide, Knuckle, one arm.

Pull Ups- Basic

Chin Ups- Basic

Planks- Basic or Side

Superman or Bug Push-Ups Close Knuckle Wide Elevated Basic Triangle/Diamond Fore arm Side Pull- Ups Chin ups Pull up Planks Basic Plank Side Plank Superman/ Bug L- Sits ^ Look at the
Enthusiasm! Age to Safely Begin There is no age to safely begin, just have common sense and know your limits

The age range for parkour and free running is any age to 57+ Equipment Needed Shoes- K-Swiss, Ariake, and Adidas can go from 20$ to 200$

Fingerless Gloves *with Grip- 5$ to 68$

Jogging Suites or shorts and tee shirt. Price can depend on what you wear regularly and if you are comfortable enough to move freely in it.

Approximate cost with expensice gear can be from 35$ to 368$ Dylan Baker Parkour Prof. Vinnie Coryell Parkour Prof. Injuries for These Professionals Dylan had experienced many broken bones and concussions.

Vinnie had a broken leg and a few minor bruises and a few hand rips and shin hits

Both these guys are professionals and have done many competitions Nathan Barris Free-Runner Shaun Andrews Free-Runner Injuries for these professionals Nathan and Shaun have no recorded serious injuries... besides the top 7 injuries Safety Tips Never do anything that you "think" you can't do, if you second guess your self or say "pssh i can do that" you could severely injure yourself.

Start small and work up to bigger stunts.

Drink A LOT of water

When outside in the summer wear a shirt (guys) because the sun can cause fatigue 7 Common Injuries in Parkour and Free-Running 1. Foot and hand Bruises

2, Shin Hits

3. Knee Capitations

4. Knee Sprains

5. Shoulder and Hip Bruises

6. Rips on Hands

7. Ankle Sprains Injuries Bruised hands
and feet Hand Rips Ankle Sprains Environmental To qualify in coaching or supervising parkour and free running, you must take a course going from level 1 to level 3 during a 3-10 day course with a log of supervision along with a questioning by the teachers on all aspects of discipline and a physical assesment

level 2 is when you have multiple days of testing to make sure your able to teach and practice parkour and free running with another person. along with physical tests

Level 3 is the graduation and the final test

http://www.adaptqualifications.com/adapt-introduction/ Weather that can affect parkour and free running is rain, snow, wind, intense heat, hail, thunder, lightning, tornadoes.

It affects parkour and free running because the rain and snow can make the roads and other jumps slippery and cold. wind and intense heat can affect wtih muscles and fatigues the persons.
hail and thunder and lightning can affect because the hail can harm someone and storms can possibly cause problems. Qualifications to Coach or Supervise Air wipp challenge A parkour and free running competition in Sweden Rules Parkour and freerunning is not a competitive sport so the only thing there is, is that theses sports teach self discipline and efficiency Requirements and certification to Sponsor, Run, and Participate In schools there must be structure and must be enough members. Also the instructor must go through a certification program. The moves learned for WFPF are accepted by insurance companies. You must have a medical plan that covers the members and instructors. Finally members make the group not only stronger but it gives them more money for equipment. Opportunities to Participate In Pennsylvania there is Lehigh Valley Parkour camp, In the United States there is the Midwest Oarkour conference in Noblesville IN.
In the world there is the World Free-Running and parkour Federation in New York, New York. There is also the Crash Tour in India. http://collegewfpf.com/pages/SafetyHealthLiability http://www.lehighvalleyparkour.com/
http://www.docstoc.com/docs/9913253/World-Freerunning-and-Parkour-Federation-Grows-By-Leaps-and-Bounds Interesting Information/ Videos You see guys here..

where are the girls?! Here we are! http://parkulture.com/2012/02/20/the-women-of-parkour-and-freerunning/ Resources for information 1. http://wfpf.com/


3. http://www.amparkour.com/ Interesting facts about parkour and freerunning Although men and boys mainly take over this sport there is women participants and they aren't built like men but they can do creative stuff without tiring themselves out.

LeParkour is french the term is a verb parcourir meaning to run over or through.

Traceurs wear NO protective gear for the thrill.

Companies have been making merchandise that advertises parkour and free running and traceurs are afraid that their art is being cheapened and degraded.

Parkour is NOT meant for everyone

and there are 3 deaths per year. Important Safety Tips 1. always run with a friend. you dont know if your going to get hurt and need medical attention. plus everything is more fun with a friend.

2. Never do a Trick you have not tried in a protected area like a gym. no one wants to crack their head open or bust something.

3. Have fun but be safe. don't go jumping on private property, its still trespassing. Would I.... i would love to participate in this sport because its so different and not many people can do it. and it is a sport.

I think the best part about this sport is seeing the videos and the different photos and competitions because you see people succeed in a difficult trick.

Some safety precautions I would take is running with an instructor or a group that know more about this sport than I do and use a gymnastics gym for practice. This sport can benefit me because its not only fun but its a good workout . Questions! 1. Are there women who participate in this sport? (Y/N)
2. Dose a traceur do parkour with or without protective gear?
3. how many deaths per year are there?
a. 1 b. 1000 c. 3 d. more than murders in the us
4. how many levels are there to become a certified parkour and free running instructor?
a. 12 b. 15 c. 3 d. 7
5. how old can you be to participate?
a. 12 b. 13 c. 57 d. 35 Answers 1. Yes
2. without
3.C. 3
4. C. 3
5. C. 57 Shin Hits
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