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Organisational Behaviour

No description

apala catherin

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Organisational Behaviour

Focused on one leader
Based on social decisions

Influence of power
Concentration of power in a team
Focused on one leader
Equal distribution of power
Final presentation
Organisational Behaviour
Power in group decision making
Equal distribution of power
Lateral relationship

Aswin Asok
Apala Catherin
Aurélien Chassard
Macoro Diakhaté
Diya Naidu
Teresa Nunez

Power in Group Decision Making
Pros and cons

Pressure within the group
Domination by one person
Coercive power
Faster decision making process
Expert power
Pros & cons
Increasing acceptance and commitment
Slower decision-making process
Limited to small groups
Thank you for your attention
Power in decision making
Concentration of power in a team
One leader
Equal distribution of power
Case- 12 Angry Men
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