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ProCredit Bank 05.03.2015

No description

CBRE Romania

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of ProCredit Bank 05.03.2015

We can do more
A successful real estate process
About CBRE
Thank you
Our Statement
We have a
strong drive
towards working with ProCredit Bank

We have the tools that will enable you to take an
informed decision

We will
guide you
throughout the entire process
Proposed Strategy
Banking Market Specifics

Preference for the central area

Good quality Class A office buildings with optimum quality price ratio

Low density, typically a ratio of 1 employee per 20 let sqm, due to the need for closed offices (50% open office, 50% closed offices).

Highly regulated market, resulting in a need for a timely organization in a relocation process.

Financial and business disruption costs (changing addresses for brochures and marketing materials).

Large car fleet: requirement for high parking ratio, further cost of changing car registration documents.

Care for employees - close community, amenities in the area, pleasant and healthy working environment

Market dynamics - one of the most active segments in the market, companies looking either to relocate or renegotiate:

real estate perspective
Renegotiate in Existing Location
Relocation to an Existing Building
Short Term Renegotiation + Prelease
A trustworthy partner with outstanding market reputation

The necessary tools to support you in each step of the real estate process

A consultant with a broad experience representing companies in the banking industry

A consultant that has the best relationship with your current landlord and key landlords in the market

The technical expertise that enables ProCredit Bank to have full control on the relocation process in terms of costs and timeline

Very good relationship with the current landlord
We have the tools and resources that can help you take an informed decision
The best team of skilled professionals in the market
The Project Team
The Tools

Workplace Consultancy
Project Management
Workplace Consultancy
Workplace Consultancy is the process to properly identify the qualitative and quantitative spatial requirements of an organization, based on the business processes, specific to each organization
Creating good quality accommodation that works as a strategic asset for your organization
The world is changing, the way we work is changing, and therefore workplaces change
Every office concept is tailor made; it suits the specific work processes and drivers of every unique organization.

Project Management Services
Technical Due Diligence services during the selection of the short listed buildings and negotiations of the Lease Agreement
Reinstatement/delapidation survey & negotiation in existing location
Project and Cost Management services for the Fit-out of the Tenant new space / re-configuration and upgrade of the existing office space
(long term renegotiation and extension)
1. Short Term Renegotiation + Prelease

In this scenario, CBRE will be remunerated
exclusively by the new Landlord
pursuant to the pre-lease transaction.
No additional fee will be charged
to ProCredit Bank for the Renegotiation component.

2. Long Term Renegotiation & Extension

CBRE suggests the fee in this scenario to be
correlated with the financial benefits
we are obtaining. Therefore, we are proposing a success fee of
10% of total achieved savings
, determined as follows:
1. Savings through a lowering of the rental price per sq m comparing with the current price;
2. Savings through rent free periods or received from the landlord;
3. Savings deriving from tenant investments by the landlord (e.g.: cash contribution to fit-out)

3. Relocation to an Existing Building

In this scenario, CBRE will be remunerated
exclusively by the new Landlord
pursuant to the relocation transaction.

It has been our experience that combining the Transaction Management services from the early stages of a project, with
Workplace Consultancy
Project Management
services, brings
key benefits
both on quality and costs of the overall project.
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