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Katniss Analysis 2

wat up

mohammad kool

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Katniss Analysis 2

-Katniss feels that she needs to find Peeta as soon as possible.
-It affects Katniss by now she won't have to kill Peeta, and she wont me lonely anymore.
-Before Katniss had no feelings for Peeta, to her he was always the boy with the bread, after this event she starts to like Peeta and she has feelings for him. Saving Peeta's Life
with Medicine Katniss Analysis 2 By: Bryant Huynh Mohammed Baseer The first rule change The second rule
Change -Katniss feels angry and unfair because katniss is not going to kill peeta, and she helped him out so much through out the games.
-IT affects Katniss by she has to kill Peeta or Peeta has to kill her for one of them to win the games.
-Before Katniss knew for sure that Peeta and her were going to win but after the rule change one of them have to kill the other one to win. Becoming a Victor -Katniss feels sad because she doesn't know how to react to the victory and it didn't feel like she won.
-It affects Katniss by she won the games and she can go back home. she does not need to kill Peeta. she can go home to her family.
-Before Katniss cared about Peeta, like she helped him out when he was injured. After she won she forgot all about Peeta, the only thing she cared about was seeing her family and Gale. -At first Katniss really doen't know who Rue is. The only thing she notices about her is that she looks like Prim.
-At the end of the book Katniss feels really sorry when Rue dies.
-Katniss changes her view towards Rue because they both form an alliance and they get closer to each other like sisters. RUE -Katniss did not really know about Peeta escape for "the boy with the bread."
-At the end of the book Katniss forgets about him, he feels like a stranger to Katniss. The only thing she can think about was Home.
-Katniss changes her view towards Peeta because she was just pretending that she was in love and Peeta thought she was really in love with him. Peeta -At first Katniss thinks Thresh is really heartless, mean, and he is the most dangerous person in the games.
-At the end of the book Katniss feels sorry for katniss feels sorry for Thresh cause Thresh saved her life from Clove.
-Katniss changed her view towards Thresh because Katniss got saved by Thresh and he only saved Katniss because he doesn't like owing people. Thresh -At first Katniss didn't really know Cato, all she knew was that he was a biggest threat.
-At the end of the book Katniss felt sorry for him and she killed him.
-Katniss changed her view towards Cato because Katniss had to hear him suffer one whole night from the mutts. Cato -At first Katniss felt that Haymitch can not help her and Peeta. Haymitch was always a drunken guy.
-At the end of the book Katniss has respect for Haymitch because they had a speical connection throughout the games
-Katniss changed her view towards Haymatich because he helped katniss during the games. Haymitch How Katniss feel about the event?
How does this event affect Katniss?
How does she change as a person? The Feast at the Cornucopia -Katniss feel the need to get the medicine to save Peeta's life.
-It affects katniss by she has to risk her life to save peeta’s life with the medicine.
-Before she went to the feast Katniss had different feeling and she showed she was selfish during the feast, Clove almost killed Katniss but Thresh saved Katniss’s life, that when she realized thresh was not heartless like she thought. After the feast she changed as a person because she is no longer selfish she cares about peeta and went to the feast to save peeta -Katniss feels proud because now she does not owe Peeta anymore. Peeta helped Katniss with the bread back in the district.
-It affect Katniss After by all the things she did to save Peeta's life and peeta does not make it through the games, Katniss will be sad all her life.
-Before was worried that Peeta would not make it then after she gives the medicine she feels better that Peeta is going to be alright. How Katniss felt about this person?
How Katniss felt about this person at the end of the book?
What made her change her view about this person? Thankyou for watching.....
"And may the odds be
ever in your favor" Symbolism BREAD Bread represents Hope, Life, Friendship, Love, and survival Dandelion Dandelion represents Hope and Survival Mockingjay The Mockingjay represents Rebellion, Survival, Change Mockingjay Pin MockingJay pin represents Rebellion and Survival Peeta Peeta represents Love, Friendship, and sacrifice The "Silent Salute" The Silent Salute represents Respect, Gratitude, and good-bye The Woods The woods represents Survival, Hope, and Rebellions Katniss (from arrowhead plant) Katniss (from arrowhead plant) represents Hope and Survival Katniss' outfits Katniss' Outfits represents her District, Passion, and Anger. RUE Rue represents Love,friendship, and trust Rue's Flowers Rue's Flowers represents Respect of human, honor, and respect Bread from district 11 Bread from district 11 represents Respect Poisonous Berries Poisonous Berries represents Deception and Rebellion
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