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Fun with FERPA

2012 IVCC Summer Funshop Series

Mark Grzybowski

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Fun with FERPA

What?! FERPA can be fun?
Fun with FERPA
The Family Rights and Privacy Act
The right to inspect & View his/her academic record
The right to seek to have record amended
The right to have some control over the disclosure of information from the records
The right to file a complaint with the US DOE
It impacts us because we work here..
So...how does this impact us?
AND.. we receive this..
FROM... this man..
FERPA says it is our responsibility as employees of IVCC to protect the CONFIDENTIALITY of student grades & records in our possession!
Ok...so what?
We can release SOME information, called
Directory Information.
Not so fast, my friend..
Name (JR Ewing)
Address (South Fork Ranch, 3700 Hogge Drive Parker, TX 75002)
Phone Number (343-1638)
Major (Business Administration)
Dates of Attendance (Fall 1953-Spring 1955)
Oh... I understand now.. is there any other Directory Information I can share??
Most recent educational institutions attended
Participation in activities/clubs/sports
Weight/Height of athletes
That seems like a lot of information we are able to release and the suspense is killing me.. are you going to tell me what I am supposed to protect??
(Sorry.. not a fun slide.)
So.. can we EVER release Educational Records to anyone other than the student?
Prior Written Consent
(FERPA Release Form)
A signed, dated document
Must specify exactly which records are to be disclosed
Must specify the purpose of the disclosure
Must specify the person to whom the records will be disclosed
Can NOT use a blanket statement
Forms are available in the Admissions and Records Office
Faculty forms are kept in the Division Office
Personal information
Enrollment records
OR .. some other, more uncommon methods
For legitimate educational purposes within the college
For officials at an institution where the student seeks to enroll (verifying information/validation)
To comply with a court order or subpoena
In connection with a health or safety emergency if necessary to protect the student or others
Log Off
Rely on IVCC ID#
Discuss progress with anyone other than the student
Leave graded tests/assignments out for students to pick up
Pass around an attendance sheet with SSN or ID# listed
More Don'ts (Of Course there's MORE!)
Release student info to anyone for commercial purposes
Provide anyone with a student schedule to "locate" a student on campus
Leave personal information in plain sight on your desk
Are we done yet?
If you want to read more on FERPA
IVCC FERPA Webpage www.ivcc.edu/ferpa
IVCC College Catalog
Admissions & Records Office
If you have any FERPA related questions
Mark G. x437
Tracy M. x393

You know more about FERPA than these two Superheroes and several others!
Common FERPA foibles
Giving information to a over-involved parent to get them off your back

Posting grades on your office or classroom door with all or part of SS# or ID#--especially when list is in alphabetical order

Helping a person find another person on campus

Common Information Security Breaches
Leaving student information in plain sight on your desk

Storing educational record information on the Public Drive or carrying it on a thumb drive off campus

Not locking your computer station

Shred materials in a non-secure area

Not locking desk drawers

I get it... so I can't release ANY student information? Got it.
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