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No description

Omar Saada

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Pharmacy

Personality Traits, Characteristics and Values
Education Requirements
Duties And Responsibilities
Work Schedules
Work Setting
Required High School Courses
To take the required university undergraduate courses for pharmacy school, I need to receive credits in these highschool courses:
Bachelor's degree in pharmacy (takes 4 years to acheive)
My Career: Pharmacist
Monitor drug interactions

Educate and answer questions asked by patients

Catch and prevent errors made by doctors and pharmacist technicians

Provide drug prescriptions

Evaluate drug therapy
Working hours vary depending on the employer

40-50 hours per week

Part time employment is common for pharmacists nearing retirement

Vacation time varies
Omar Saada
Charecteristic Traits





Loving and Caring
Must complete at least 2 years of university level undergraduate education
Must complete the Pharmacy College Admissions Test or PCAT.
Undergraduate courses required include chemistry, biology, social sciences, math and English
High school diploma
Minimum overall University average (75%) (80%)
My University of Choice
Grade 12:
English (U)

Calculus (U)

Vectors (U)

Chemistry (U)
Social Sciences

Physics (U) (Recommended)

Advanced Functions (U)

Biology (U)
Income and Benefits
Job Trends
Safety Concerns
Thank You For Watching!

Retail stores


Pharmaceutical companies

Spends most of their day on their feet

May require pharmacists to wear goggles, aprons and gloves

preparation of drugs can be tedious
Interesting Facts
Earn $60,000 to $150,000 a year

Dental coverage

Paid sick leave

Vacation Time (1-4 weeks a year)

May earn bonuses in profit sharing programs
Hospital and clinical pharmacists are becoming more wanted

Aging population = increased demand for pharmacists

Poor economy = companies giving pharmacists lower pay rates and less jobs

Very flexible careers
Robberies (If in retail)

Exposure to dangerous or possibly dangerous chemicals

Sick patients and customers
Pharmacists are often Your most accessible healthcare member

There is about 270,000 pharmacists in The United States

A pharmacist developed Coca-cola
An innocent cat getting robbed.
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