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K White

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Christology

The Study of Jesus Christ CHRISTOLOGY Pre-Incarnate Existence
Life and Character
Work Humanity


Hypostatic Union

Kenosis The Cross and the Atonement
Resurrection and Ascension
Present and Coming Ministry and Work Pre-Incarnate
Existence Theophanies CLAIMED IT
HIMSELF Active in Creation Evidence of Christ's (and eternal) Jacob
Gideon All appearances were to the nation of Israel except for Hagar How do we know this was Christ? Incarnation Deity Kenosis Theory Humanity Hypostatic
Union Life and
Character Purpose Statements Sinless: Couldn't or Didn't? Substitution:
His death
was in our
place Propitiation: It appeased the righteous wrath of God Justification: Made it possible for us to
be seen as righteous in the sight of God Reconciliation: between us and the Father One time
sacrifice- no
need for any
more False
Theories: Socinian (Example Theory): The cross
was an example to us of love and true
obedience, meant to inspire dedication Moral Influence Theory:
The cross was a demonstration
of love, which creates a response
of gratitude and love from us,
which enables us to be forgiven.
Also an example of how to love
one another Ransom Theory: Jesus' death
was a ransom paid to Satan
for the souls of humanity Governmental Theory:
The cross was a demonstration
of God's wrath towards sin (general)
but did not satisfy specific sins
of people (individual). However,
having shown the seriousness of
sin through this act, His wrath is
appeased so that He can "pass
over" humanity's sin Atonement Resurrection: Main evidences of His resurrection were the empty tomb and “many appearances” to a variety of ppl.
He was on the earth 40 days
He appeared to many to prove He was alive and to give further instructions.
He had a physical body -people touched Him, He ate, but also could appear and disappear, and enter rooms with locked doors. Ascension: He was glorified in the ascension,
finally taking the promised position
by the Father.
His ascension was a final and definite departure from the disciples.
The angels who appeared then gave
the disciples the promise that Jesus
will return. Christ's Present Ministry: Our Great High Priest
-Hebrews 4:14-16, 7:25, 6:20 Mediator of the New Covenant -Hebrews 9:15 Upholding and Sustaining all things - Hebrews 1:3 Coming King!! (Revelation) Heresies: Nestorianism Eutychiasm Ebionism Arianism Docetism
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