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SW 345 Social Justice

No description

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of SW 345 Social Justice

Identified with privilege
1. They are dominated by privileged groups.
Systems organized around privilege have THREE characteristics
Privilege at the CENTER
Because systems are identified with privileged groups, the path of least resistance is to focus on them - who they are, what they do and say, and how they do it.
Privileged groups are also typically taken as the standard of comparison that represents the best that society has to offer.
Describe the social condition of racial tension on Guam directed toward Chuukese.

Give a case example of this.

Describe how the following systems perpetuate and/or maintain discrimination and racism toward Chuukese.


Write about how privilege is experienced by non-Chuukese communities on Guam at the expense of the Chuukese community.
Midterm Question 1
Positions of power tend to be occupied by members of that group.
SW 345 Social Justice
Ch. 7 How Systems of Privilege Work
Johnson, 2006
2. They are identified with privileged groups.
3. They are centered on privileged groups.
For example, in patriarchy - power is culturally gendered, i.e., it is primarily associated with men
*Just because a system is male-dominated, doesn't mean all men are powerful. They aren't - most often because of class, race, disability, etc.
p. 91
Guam 32nd Legislature
Guam 33rd legislature
Guam 34th Legislature
* Male dominance does mean, however, that every man can identify with power as a value that his culture associates with manhood, and this identification makes it easier for any man to assume and use power in relation to others.
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