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Snaith, Darcey

No description

Manor Prep

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Snaith, Darcey

Greek Gods
By Darcey Snaith
The Greek God Poseidon
After they defeated the Titans,the world was split into 3 . Zeus, Hades and Poseidon all drew straws to see which part they would rule .
Poseidon made a palace out of gems and coral which was located on the ocean floor.
The Romans called Dionysus Bacchus .
He is the god of wine and festivities.
He saved pirates from drowning by changing them into dolphins.
His parents were Zeus and Semele.
Semele was human so Dionysus was the only god with a mortal mother.
Ares was royal because his mum was Hera and his dad was Zeus.
He had a friend called Eris who was the spirit of disagreement.The two of them caused a lot of trouble
Ares was the god of war.
When the ancient Greeks went to war Ares didn't care who won or lost.
He was handsome but nobody liked him because he was mean.
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