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Julius Ceasar

Created by Kayla Drake.

Kayla Drake

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Julius Ceasar

Double click anywhere & add an idea Julius Cesar Julius Cesar The man who "didnt" want to bacome king. Gaius Julius Cesar was born
three days before the ides of March,
July 13, in 100 B.C Family: from the gens of julii. He was a famous Rome general and statesman, who laid the foundation of Roman leadership system. He had a sucessful millitary career which was hes platform to run for various elected positions. The Man In Action Ceaser was a very talented and well know for the way he gave crowd persuawing speeches. Talents also was a military genius. The Death..:( He was assonation by his own senate. Every member of the senate had to stab J.C. so that no one could squeel or backout of their plan. And the only way they got him was by using an inside man that was a close friend to Ceaser. His lovers He had three wifes. and he also cheated on the last one. With princess Cleaptria, and had a baby with her to have a perfect son. but shortly after J.C's daeth the baby was killed.
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