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Snowy Owl

No description

Nabila Kabir

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Female have white and darker grey/black spotted feathers.
The female's niche, or role, is to stay at the nest with her owlets, while the male hunts food for them.
Snowy Owl
Yellow sharp eyes that can see from far far away, wing span of 5 ft , stands 2 ft tall and strong talons that rip their prey apart.
Female with owlets
Male hunting
(don't ask what he's hunting)
Snowy owls make there nests on the ground.
Snowy Owls stay in most of Canada, half of America and Norway , Finland, Sweden, and most of Russia during the winter range. And during the summer range, they migrate to the borders of Canada, Russia, and Greenland.
Snowy owls eats small birds, fish,mice and other mammals, such as pectoral sandpipers and lemmings.
Snowy owls are one of the top predators, but there is a few animals that can eat them.Like an arctic wolf, polar bears, foxes, jaguars and humans.
Yellow sharp eyes that can see from far far away, wing span of 5 ft , stands 2 ft tall and strong talons that rip their prey apart.
They can also eat arctic rabbits!
One of the reasons they are endangered is because hunters illegally shoot them to sell there eyes and feet over seas.
The snowy owls have there threats, but they also have protection, like breeding centers and Migratory Bird Species Act.
Scientific Name
Fact #1
Female snowy owls can lay about 11 or 12 eggs, but 5-6 eggs survive.
Fact #2
Snowy owls are diurnal, meaning they are active during night and day.
Fact #3
Female snowy owls can lay up to 11 eggs, mainly 5 to 6 eggs during the breeding season.
Fact #5
Snowy owls most feed on lemmings. Adult snowy owls can feed about 3 to 5 lemmings a day. Which means 1600 lemmings per year.
Fact #4
Female snowy owls gives lots of care and food to her owlets, but when one of the owls die, she has no choice but to feed it to the other owlets, so the dead owlet doesn't attract predators.
Facts About Snowy Owls!!
Fact #7
Snowy owls are tundra animals, meaning they can stand the cold. But only the most experienced snowy owl can live in the Arctic.
Owlets that migrate eats marmots, squirrels, racoons, rabbits, prairie dogs, rats, rodents, moles, smaller birds. When they get a little older they hunt for duck, geese, shorebirds, pheasants, grouse, coots, grebes, gulls and songbirds.
Fact #8
Tundra animals are hard to find, just like snowy owls, they are rarely seen.
Fact #10
Snowy owls can live up t 9 years, but the max is 23 years.
Bubo/Nyctea Scandiacus
Life Span- 9.5 years
Fact #6
Snowy owlets leave their parents to migrate at to a place where the weather conditions aren't so severe.
Facts #9
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