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By: Caroline Hewitt Ms. Bakshi period 4

caroline hewitt

on 18 October 2012

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By: Caroline Hewitt
period 5 ANIMAL CELLS AND NEW YORK NUCLEUS -is the control center of the cell
-the nucleus contains the DNA
-it is surrounded by a double membrane The nucleus is like
the NYC city hall, it is
the control center
for NYC. NEW YORK CITY HALL micro.magnet.fsu.edu NUCLEOLUS -is a small, dense object found in the middle of the nucleus -it makes the RNA for the cell CELL MEMBRANE -is a thin, flexible envelope that surrounds the cell
-it allows the cell to change shape and controls what goes into and out of the cell CHICAGO CITY LIMITS like Chicago is the city limits for
NYC, the cell membrane is like the city
limit for the animal cell CYTOPLASM -it is the jelly like area between the nucleus & the cell membrane
-helps the organelles move throughout the cell CYTOSKELETON -acts as a skeleton and muscle
-provides shape and structure for the cell
-helps move the organelles around the cell
-is made up of three types of filaments:
-actin filaments
-intermediate filaments CHROMOSOMES -are rod-shaped bodies found in the nucleus
-they are made of DNA and protein
-they contain all the information to run the cell CITY AUDITOR Like the chromosomes in a cell
the city auditor stores all the records
of the city like chromosomes contain
all the information of a cell ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM -is a network of tube-like passageways that proteins for the ribosomes are transported through
-the rough ER is studded with ribosomes that make protein
-the smooth ER makes lipids UPS Like ER, UPS transports its items
or mail to another area. GOLGI BODY -it stores, modifies, and packages
-molecules transported to and from the Golgi by means of vesicles PODS Like the Golgi PODS stores
or transports your stuff. RIBOSOMES -are small grain-like bodies made
mostly of RNA and produce in the
-our proteins are constructed at the
ribosomes GOTHAM CONSTRUCTION Gotham constructs building in
New York just like proteins are
constructed at the ribosomes. MITOCHONDRIA -is a tiny bean-shaped structure
in the cytoplasm, with a smooth
inner membrane, and a greatly folded
inner membrane
-they supply the energy for the cell by
transforming sugars into energy EDISON Like the mitochondria provides
energy for the cell, Edison provides
energy for homes and buildings http://www.gothamconstruction.com/ VACUOLE -a large round sac found in the cytoplasm
-stores water, food, wastes, or other
materials needed by the cell PUBLIC STORAGE Like the vacuole stores materials
Public Storage allows you to store
items in a storage locker or garage. LYSOSOMES -small round structures found in the
-they contain the digestive enzymes
that break down large food particles
into sugars and other simple substances nursingpharmacology.info NYC PLANNING
OFFICE It is like the NYC planning
office because it makes the RNA
like the planning office helps
makes the buildings BUILDINGS The cytoskeleton is like the buildings in NY because the building are like the skeleton of a room FOOD PROCESSING PLANT Like lysosomes food processing plants make large quantities into smaller quantities HIGHWAY The cytoplasm is like the highway
of a cell because it allows organelles to
move throughout the cell "cells alive." http://cellsalive.com/. N.p.,
©1994 to 2012, Quill . Web. 12 Oct 2012. BIO REVIEW CELLS." http://library.thinkquest.org/28751/review/cells/2.html.
Electric Rodent Web Design, © 1999 . Web. 12 Oct 2012. cell cultural systems." http://www.millipore.com/cellbiology/flx4/cell_culture. N.p.,
n.d. Web. 12 Oct 2012.
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