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Organizing the Project Team

Project Management - Organizing the Project Team

Erich Kreidler

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Organizing the Project Team

Organizing the Project Team
Aligning the project stakeholders to deliver success
Key Questions
Project Management Life Cycle
Major considerations when organizing the project team
Project Team vs.
Support Teams
Main sources of personnel
What is the importance of the project team?
Understanding the roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders
The project Spon$or
How can the project team be leveraged for success?
Managing project teams effectively
Skills required for effective project management
What is the role of the organization within a project?
References and Credits
Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling by Harold R. Kerzner

Successful Project Management: A Step-by-Step Approach with Practical Examples by Milton D. Rosenau

Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme by Robert K. Wysocki.

Project Management Body of Knowledge by the Project Management Institute

Radical Project Management by Rob Thomsett
Inform current progress
Meeting Objectives
Provide visibility into future activities
Request (and secure) your support
Understanding how the organization can enable the success of a project

Funding and business direction
Leadership, ultimate accountability

Strong Management Skills
Vision and strategy
Ability to inspire trust and motivate
Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would have you do unto them
Verbal / oral
Presentation and facilitation
General Management Knowledge
Subject Matter Expertise
Project Management
Make the Project Succeed (meet 3C - T, $, P)
What does the organization expect from the Project Manager?
Accountable to organization for results
Budget control
Assemble resources
Communications (vision, status, planned and revisions)
Coordinate activities
Assemble resources
Coordinate activities within project team, with sponsors, customers, clients
Kerzner: Coordination across multiple functional lines, increasing responsibility with little authority
Relationship with project
Critical to project success

Active, builds bridges across organizational areas

Very close to project manager
Engaging as Executive Program Manager
Brief executives early of project issues to give them options

Must be able to get to Sponsor in 1 minute and get a decision in 1 minute
Active participation during planning stages

Monitoring key variables (in addition to traditional cost and schedule)

Scope or objective changes

Benefits model or assumptions changes

Project risk management

Whole-of-life dynamics
Sponsor should be engaged in:
What are the Responsibilities of the Project Manager?
Common in companies dominated by marketing or manufacturing

Least desirable from project management perspective

Many variations

Can be organized by Function, Product, Process
Moves people from functional group to project position

Loyalty to project, typically no personnel interchange among projects

Uncertainty of what happens after project

Personnel retention beyond needed
Probably best if many projects

Still have clear line of responsibility

Specialists grouped by function

May require unique staff

Complex: Extra management required, balance of power between functional and project managers
The Informal Organization
so, what's next?
There are 9 influences available to PMs
When should you use each option?
Hire, transfer, contract
Reference: Rosenau
How are projects affected by the organization?
and objectives
Leadership and management
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