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tom hadfield

on 26 August 2013

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B.C (Before Christ)
The paper and writing were invented B.C as well as weapons speeches and and proper that was knitted clothes and if we didn't have that we would all be wearing rags
The Dark Ages
In The Dark Ages we invented tar, the stuff we use as roads.
there wasn't much inventions at this time so this is what i got.
There were a lot of invention's in the renaissance, one of them was the Printing Press and the Flushable Toilet.
people are becoming a lot better inventor's and we have now got computers and mobile technology study's shown that the most common technology is the smartphone that has a million uses to it and most of them run on android but one runs on iOS which is created by Apple and they have also got iPod and iPad which also run on iOS and i personally think its the best smartphone ever
We are developing fast and we might have much better computers!
Middle Ages
The Hourglass was invented in The Middle Ages it has been very good and now in our modern ages we have The Hourglass for games e.g Boggle.
Industrial Age
In this era we have invented something that changed the world we first discovered electricity and then went further and made the battery. The battery has made computers phones t.vs and much more it was the revolutionary invention
By Tom H
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