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Warriors In The Crossfire

No description

Jenny Jones

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Warriors In The Crossfire

Warriors In The Crossfire
Main Characters
Joseph is a strong boy with a big heart. He loves to play with Taeyo, his nephew. He is a hard worker and loyal trustworthy guy.
This book takes place in World War II in the year of 1944. They live on the island Saipan. It is a very little island that is outside of Japan.The island has little amount of food and low living standards.
The main message of this book is to be brave and strong through any situation. In the book Joseph never gave up and him and his family survived through all that time in the war.
I would recommend this book to anyone that loves action and adventure. I think you should read this book because there is no other book like this book. I give this book a star rating of 5 stars.
By: Nancy Flood
The genre of this book is historical fiction. I know this because of the lower standards of living than we have today and, that it takes place in World War II.
Kento is a skinny Japanese boy that loves to learn. He and Joseph are cousins and teach each other new things.
Joseph and his family are ruled by Japan on an old island called Saipan. The Japanese are preparing for a war against the Americans. They force the slaved men to clean out the landing field for battle. But what they don't know is that the Americans will attack on the southern end of the island. The slaved men see that they coming from the sea. They decide to run north. The Japanese soldiers beat then all most to death. Joseph's father gets home barely alive. He tells Joseph to take are family and go to the cave there is food and water there all ready. Joseph's father laid down and died. On the way he sees Kento. Kento asks him to come with his family. Does Joseph go with Kento or does he obey his father and go to the cave. Read the book to find out.
Caleb T.
Boyds Mills Press, Inc.
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