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Transcendentalism in Movies

Lots of Movies to use as examples!

Lucy Lee

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Transcendentalism in Movies

In Movies
Relationship with God
the Truth
Society brings corruption
What better examples are there beside seeing our bad villains turn out to be good guys.
Nature of man=Good
This little puppy lived his whole life in Hollywood, believing that what he sees is the real life. And how wrong he was.
After accidentally getting hijacked to a city far from home, he experiences things outside of his bubble, and Comes to the truth about his "real life."
Devastated as he was to find out that he didn't have any super powers, he could still count on the love of his dear Penny, which is also a truth he comes to find out.
101 Dalmatians:
Cruella de Vil is a perfect image of the greedy people of materialism. She wants to kill cute little puppies so she could have a fancy spotted fur coat.
Wreck-It Ralph:
Ralph ain't a bad guy, he actually wants to 'be' a hero. But in his game world, he has to be the villain, because that's how the program is done.
Rise of
the Guardians:
Jack Frost, the ever mischievous hero of the movie, questions his purpose of identity. He asks the moon, who apparently created him and seems to be even more powerful than the Santa Claus or other Guardians. (supposedly God? or an "Oversoul?")
and the moon gives him an answer, not the most direct way, but still good enough.
and I think this shows that if one asks, God will answer, which shows the direct connection we have with God.
another example of God answering to our prayer/wish.

How to Train Your Dragon:
Hiccup, our wimpy hero, isn't much of a big deal around town, even though he's son of the village chief.
By: Lucy Lee
In this movie, people mostly focus on the awesome super powers of the Incredibles family. Well, this movie also shows that technology is wrong. Do you know what Syndrome used to become a fake superhero? Yeah, his techy devices.
Winnie the Pooh:
A man living with apes. Tarzan has grew up with the apes family as long as he can remember. and even though he was man, he wasn't attracted to the money, or the other valuables Clayton was talking about. Instead, he was purely interested in gaining more knowledge.
SpongeBob the Movie:
Oh yes, you would think SpongeBob would be the last to be a believer of Emerson's philosophy. But this little creature who live in a pineapple under the sea is a strong believer of nonconformity. he rocks out about the whole thing for corn's sake.
Elsa is gorgeous and the music's fantastic, but there's also a hint of Emerson's big idea in this latest block buster.
The transcendentalism movement was first created by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
this guy
And we can continue to see this philosophy even today, especially in movies.
The first tenet of Transcendentalism is that we have a direct relationship with God.
and there are two examples.
did i mentioned how good looking he is? :)
just a bit more...
This little snail wished to be fast, and boom. Wish granted.
After a nice injection of nitrous oxide, he becomes a live super car, literally.
this shows again that God and we have a direct line in touch.
Nothing like a group of runaway zoo animal friends to learn about finding truth in nature. Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippo don't really make a normal party. But as the gang gets shipped off to Madagascar and struggles to return to their home, the zoo, they experience the world outside of their cage.
It was hard, and a long way back, but they finally return home. But after the crazy life outside the walls of the zoo, they realize just how small their world was.
In nature, we are able to “transcend” the truths we know in the natural world.
Here's few examples.
See? That didn't take a super sonic bark.
"Leaving the zoo... was the best thing that ever happened to us. Look at what we did out there in the world. We were really living! It was exciting! When we were with the circus, we were already home. I just wished we realized it soon." -Alex
Shrek is an ogre, despised and feared by the common folks. He always seems grouchy and mean, which is another reason that drove people away.
Beautiful just as it is
Another characteristic of Transcendentalists is that they believe Materialism & the Industrial Age are bad.
Well, the video speaks out. The whole destroying scene spelled evil out for us.
In the movie, that horrid looking tin-can-riding robot collects every "junk metal" to make a shiny new metal, initially driving the lesser robot folks into chaos for not having enough spare parts.
Did I mentioned how the video also resembles the factories during the Industrial Age?
I mean, who would do such thing to these creatures if she wasn't "Evil".
Hum, if Materialism and Industrial Age are bad, does that mean the fruit of these two say... technology, for example, is bad too?
You bet. At least the transcendentalists say technology is wrong.
And here's some movies to go along with that.
can capture my nemesis
can play freeze tag with my nemesis
can send Evil Robot to destroy the city then come and save the day!
Sadly, also meets his doom by getting pulled into "his" plane's propeller blade.
Another concept Emerson brings up is that Society is the source of corruption.
I think the video is pretty much self-explanatory. The human technology destroyed the Navi's home tree. Which could relate to how technology can destruct nature in our world too.
The people treat him like an outcast
All he ever wanted was to be treated like a hero for once.
This tiny robot is a trash organizer on the abandoned Earth. After Earth begin to fail away, the people just left it, thus living like an overblown balloon bounded to a sofa in a spaceship.
And when Wall-E did bring a form of life, a new hope of habituating at Earth again, it takes them quite a while to actually get over being a coach potatoes being served by robots.
yup, definitely people 200 years later.
And if the society is the source of corruption, then conforming to it would definitely be wrong.
And there were many MANY examples for this one, but here's my top two choices.
oh the beauty
The Song says it all. Elsa, after years and years of copping up in her room, finally decides that she had enough. The eyes of the people, and expectations as the queen, well screw all that.
She's going to build a dazzling castle with her ice power and live freely, which sounds way more awesome than locked up in a room.
How would someone know if a raging river is dangerous to cross? Because he or she had an experience with such river that involved not pretty result.
Likewise, knowledge comes from experience. But if everyone listens to what others tell them to do, then there won't be any new experience thus new knowledge.
The one great thing he did would be sparing the Nightfury he caught. (Later named toothless)
he has grown up listening that dragons are bad, evil, vicious and dangerous. But spending time with toothless had opened his eyes to new light.
nowadays, he feels more like an annoying pet reptile
Likewise, through hands down experience, he learned that dragons aren't so bad.
you don't say?
.... at least not all of them.
So, since society and all man-made things are wrong, then nature and all natural things would be good.
Transcendentalism says that in nature, we are uncorrupted.
can i get an amen?
can't pooh just be the icon of innocent? i mean, i can't think of any other creature who is as pure and sweet and so uncorrupted as pooh. (wait, there's piglet, i guess) and where does Winnie the Pooh lives? Out in the forest, in nature.
although his way of "learning" could be a bit... awkward
Although it says that humans are uncorrupted only in nature, it doesn't mean we are always bad and dirty-minded when we are not surrounded by nature.
Transcendentalists also say that deep down, the nature of human being is good.
Despicable Me/MegaMind
Gru, our master evil-mind who was going to steal the moon (and did) to prove himself the most villainist villain, turns out to be a great dad for three girls.
MegaMind, the big blue-headed alien, even becomes the new hero of Metro City.
These guys were bad, but deep inside, there was still goodness just waiting to pop up.
Lastly, Transcendentalism teaches that Human being and nature are beautiful in and of themselves.
Enter Princess Fiona, who discovers warmth in this grumpy ogre.
Spending time together, they each find something new about each other, something warm and good.
Fiona herself had trouble with night time magic makeover, but the two comes to the understanding that outside doesn't matter, what matter the most is what's inside. and it's beautiful.
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