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The American Literature Timeline of Literary Periods

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keysharrah harris

on 18 May 2012

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Transcript of The American Literature Timeline of Literary Periods

The Timeline of
American Literature By: Keysharrah Harris
B.3 Puritan/Colonial
(1607-1783) Authors and their famous works William Byrd- "William Bradford's Letter Book" Jonathan Edwards- "A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God" Edward Taylor- "Let Him Kiss Me With The Kisse of His Mouth" John Smith- "The Generall Historia of Virginia, New England and the Summer Isles" Anne Bradstreet- "Before The Birth of One of Her Children" 1607-1783 Puritan\Colonial life 1620: Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts

1649: Act concerning religion enacted

1690-93: Salem Witchcraft and Trails Puritan\Colonial Historical events William Byrd's letter book Key ideas Puritan\Colonial (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Authors and their works Revolutionary/Age of Reason Supernatural Key Ideas The Boston Massacre Revolutionary/Age of Reason Authors and their works Gothics Historical events Gothics Key Ideas Gothics Authors and their works Transcendentalism Historical Events Transcendentalism Key Ideas Transcendentalism 1855-1900 Realism Authors and their works Realism Historical events Realism Key Ideas Modernism Historical Events Modernism THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Late 1910's-1940 Harlem Renaissance Harlem Renaissance Authors and their famous works Langston Hughes: "April Raining" Countee Cullen: "A Brown Girl Dead" Sterling Brown: "Riverbank Blues" Anthony Walton: "With love from me" Elizabeth Alexander: "Autumn Passage" Harlem Renaissance Historical events Harlem Renaissance Key ideas Art Music- such jazz, gospel, swing, and blues Religion End of WWI (The Great Migration)Blacks migrated from the south to the north to get away from cruel treatment The NAACP was founded Modernism Authors and their works T.S. Eliot: "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" Ezra Pound: "A Girl" W.H Auden: "The Fall of Rome" Allen Ginsberg:"Crossing Nation" 1784-1865 Romanticism Romanticism Authors and their works Washington Irving's: "Rip Van Wrinkle" William Cullen Byrant's: "Thanatopsis" Emily Dickinson: "Why do I love" You, Sir? Walton Whitman: "A Leaf For Hand In Hand" Alexander Pope: "Celia" Romanticism Key Ideas Artistic Philosophical Love Romanticism Historical Events 1803: Louisiana Purchase 1829: The first steam-powered locomotive in America 1848: Gold rush 1750-1800 Revolutionary\Age of Reason Lord Chesterfield: "Letters to His Son" Thomas Gray: "Elegy Written in a
Country Churchyard" Samuel Johnson: "On Idelness" Lady Montagu:"Letters to Her Daughter" Johnathan Swift: "The Tatler" Revolutionary War Historical Events The Boston Tea Party The French and Indian War Revolutionary/Age of Reason 1900's-1950's Modernism James Joyce: "A Flower Given to my Daughter" Experimentation- the testing of an idea Individualism Henry Adams: "The Education of Henry Adams"

Jane Addams: "My Twenty Years at Hull House"

Edward Bellamy: "Looking Backward"

Ambrose Bierce: "Chickamauga"

Arbraham Cahan: "The Russian Jew in America" peoples fate All people are corrupt and must be saved by Christ Approx 1785-1820 Gothics 1840-1860 Transcendentalism spiritual meaning Emotions Love of Nature Nathaniel Hawthorne: "The Scarlet Letter"

Theodore Parker: " Christian Register"

William Channing: "The Spirit of the Age"

Frederick Hedge: "Skull within an evil eye"

Ralph Waldo Emerson: "The Apology" Trying to be different; rebel against each other Realism Key Ideas Reconstruction of literature started First "Manifesto" of Italian Futurism Death of Edward VII Individual Olmstead, Clifton E. History of Religion in the United States. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1960

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William Cullen Bryant
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Herman Melville
Emily Dickinson

"Tell-Tale Heart“
"The Birth-Mark“
"The Minister's Black Veil“
"The Fall of the House of Usher" Creation of stories and movies about ghost,
demons, and vampires Works Cited Page
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