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The Foodchecker

No description

claudia daniels

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of The Foodchecker

Throw away?
14 % of all food is thrown away

50 kg per person per year

155 Euro per person per year

All households together :
100.000 trucks

Did you know? In the Netherlands:
We asked UM students:
The FoodChecker
The FoodChecker
Pen checks for:
Clostridium Perfringens

- Most common cause for food poisoning

- Symptoms can last 1-2 weeks

Pain relievers
Gain creators
We asked UM students:
Customer Segments
Not getting sick
Less unnecessary food disposal
No anxiousness while eating
Save money by
throwing away less food
Mind at ease while eating
Easy to use
Part of the FoodChecker is reusable
All households
But also:
Public institutions
Public institutions
- Food prepared in large quantities
- Kept warm long time before serving

High risk
of infections
Huge amount
of food disposal
The FoodChecker
CE Daniels
MHN Cuijpers
M IJff
BK van der Veer
LGP Simons
AR Kuhn
KPW van Middelaar
VCR Weijer

Course: BMW 3012 – Entrepreneurship

Bachelor Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Science Maastricht University

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