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My Home Country

No description

Maria Afaro

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of My Home Country

Tlazazalca Michocan My Home Country Popular food in Michoacan Traditions La Barata The plaza of Tlazazalca Michocan The Food they make there is delicious they mae all
different types of food for example Enchiladas,posole,,
Mole,Tamales,chile relleno,Tacos al pastor,Tortas ahogadas,
and menudo etc.... In michocan we have many traditions that we celebrate Cinco de mayo is when peope dance .El dia de los muertos ,Quinceneras,etc... This is where everybody who lives there they go with
there family or they go with there friends to relax get food
and go to church and maraichies go and play music. Church part of the plaza People from places around tlazazalca come and sell clothes, shoes, things for you house, jewlry, and many more thing they get all around the plaza but this only happens every Monday in the morning till the afternoon they get into there stands: Aguas Calientes These are Aguas calientes this is how they call them there and there deep ones and not deep there is alot many kids and family go there to get refreshed when it gets super hot because it does.
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