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Making Student Library Helpers Work For You

No description

Toni Moore

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Making Student Library Helpers Work For You

Making Student Library Helpers Work For You
Can do much of the work our clerical assistants used to do
Rewarding student-teacher year-long relationships
Provide reliable feedback about the collection and programs
Can do a lot of the monotonous tasks we don't like to do
Can be great technology troubleshooters--sometimes they teach us!
Fresh ideas for displays, decorations, and bulletin boards
An army of minions at your disposal
Senioritis is real
Some students can be difficult to motivate
The training period is EXHAUSTING
Personality clashes with teachers
They can cause more tasks to be assigned to the library
An army of minions at your disposal
Banned Books Week Display, 2014
Why make it a class?
Student accountability--grade will count toward GPA
Like a job, but they earn credit instead of cash
Can teach some research skills, recommend reading, do mini-lessons on library concepts and issues

Photo by Kelly Rosen, class of 2012
Activity Ideas
Banned Books Week
READ posters
Book displays
Bulletin boards
Update signage
Review books in Destiny
Assist with weeding
Re-organizing and re-spacing crowded sections
Processing new books
Tips for success
Have an application process
Be consistent with grading
Get buy-in from counselors and administrators
Partner with supportive teachers on candidates, projects
Make it its own club or school activity and advertise its successes
Use students' individual talents and skills to customize their jobs
"Aides" sometimes don't aid. Students work.
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