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The Civil War Timeline

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Bilan Musse

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of The Civil War Timeline

The Civil War
In the 1830s the Southern States in the U.S.A. had slaves, while in the North they didn't have slaves. The North opposed Slavery like the Quakers but, the South needed it. After the American Revolution antislavery grew.
Arguments in the western territories led the U.S.A. in to crises. When Kansas and Nebraska wanted to join the U.S.A., the south wanted it to become a slave state but, the North didn't. They came up with an agreement that said that Kansas and Nebraska would choose if they did or didn't want slaves, known as the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The Kansas-Nebraska made Southerns feel cheated and Northers embarrassed.

James Buchanam won the election of 1856, he was in office for only 2 days, when the supreme court made a rule in Scott V. Stanford. Scott said that his owner took him for 5 years in free states, Illinois and Wisconsin territory. They denied his freedom allowing Chief Roger B. Taney to declare that Congress had no right to get rid of slavery and/or allow it, even if the state wanted to become free.
Douglas defended his Senate spot in 1858, Douglas was against Abraham Lincoln the Republican Challenger this was the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
In 1859 John Brown raided the federal armory in West Virginia, in Harpers Ferry. John wanted to create an invasion in the South. John's raid failed, and he got hanged and died.
When the election was held many groups were choosing different candidates. Lincoln won the election which made, South Carolina call for a special convention. On December 20, 1860 South Carolina chose to secede.
Lincoln would not take office until the 4th of March in 1861 and Buchanan said some thing about this. Also secession was legal and Buchanan rejected the idea.The civil war started from the Battle of Fort Sumter.
In the past 70 years, (1830), slavery in America confused the political system. America social got bad.
By. Bilan M. Mariam M.
In 1862 the Union brought a army to fight the Confederates. The Union had more people at the battle of the Bull Run but, the Confederates won. Then Lincoln reassigned McCellan as the army's principal commander for the Union. Lee (Confederate Leader) headed north Potomac River hoping he would make foreign Countries recognize the Confederates. McCellan took advantage of that and, that cause the Battle of Antietam. The Confederates lost the Battle of Antietam which made them not
get the foreign Countries recognize the Confederates. Then the Emancipation Proclamation was announced because, of the Union wining the Antietam battle
1862 Continued
In 1864 Grant and Lincoln realized that destruction would end the war not the land taken by specific regions and cities. In order to do this William T. Sherman decided to invade Georgia first.
In spring 1865 Grant's broke Lee's lines at Petersburg and gave the Army of the Potomac a prize. Lee sadly surrendered Army of the Potomac to Grant on April 9. the other weeks that passed other confederate forces surrendered.
In 1863, (Emancipation Proclamation) Lincoln promised that the people who rebelled could still rebel, the states that still wanted war would become final.
Good Bye
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