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Future of Communications

CSOG Oct 2012, Rio

Greenwich Consulting

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Future of Communications

4 3  2  1 Future of Communications 1983 2012 Our world is changing fast Connectivity Provider Split activities and focus on network quality, efficiency and investment as their core business, leaving communication aside Smart Pipe Focus on role as enabler of communication services for third party services by providing best-in-class connectivity and services platform "All people who have downloaded the same app on any device (mobile, TV, etc.) and have a data connection - some Apps have over 150m users already" Should Operators extend these new RCS and VoLTE interconnect models into roaming scenarios? interoperability interconnect roaming In the new communications paradigm, operators have three strategic options There are four pre-requisites to become a successful IP communications provider IP Communications Provider We have chosen RCS as the lens through which to discuss an approach to becoming an IP Communications Provider Using RCS as a lens, it is clear that the critical areas of success need to be overhauled in order to realise the IP Communications Provider ambition in Rio, we would like to obtain consensus answers to the following questions Continue to focus on core communication recognising the increasing importance of software and applications Strategic focus Company Customers Focus on top-line growth in Rio, we would like to obtain consensus answers to the following questions Main focus is in offering communication services with a quick time to market to as many devices as possible
Appreciate increased importance of applications and software
Include downloadable clients to decrease time to market for new service launches
Leverage APIs to enable third party innovation Personal customers


B2B2C Smart Pipe IP COMMUNICATION PROVIDER Thank you "Who can I reach?" OTT players 1 2 3 Competition OTT Service providers Strategic focus Company Customers Enable third parties Transform into a smart pipe and platform provider offering connectivity and platform capabilities to third party service providers
Encourage third parties to access network capabilities (e.g. via APIs)
Provide core building blocks to partner to enable optimisation of network assets Personal customers


B2B2C SMART PIPE Competition Alternative networks
Platform providers with own APIs Strategic focus Company Customers Manage costs Provide core connectivity to personal and enterprise customers
Focus on network optimisation and internal cost structure
No development of operator communication services Personal customers


B2B2C CONNECTIVITY PROVIDER Competition Alternative networks (Wi-Fi + broadband) A strong IP Communications customer value proposition is only achievable with collective action Collectively develop a ubiquitous IP communications solution Independently develop own 'OTT' solutions Desired outcomes of today's session Agree that in order to become successful 'IP Communications Providers' operator collaboration is indispensable

Agree that the following pre-requisites need to be transformed for operators to become successful 'IP Communications Provider'

Agree that the mobile industry should consider opening APIs to facilitate partnership between individual operators and third parties

Consensus agreement on concrete actions for RCS which address these areas, as the first of several operator initiatives that address the new market landscape (others including VoLTE etc.) Our key outcome is to develop a concrete set of recommendations and actions for the Future of Communications for endorsement by the Strategy Committee on October 8th, 2012. 4 partnerships Current Operator IP Communication "Inter-networking agreements are needed between every operator who wishes to launch the service - it only works on mobile phones" Services are included free of charge with an operator access fee "Services are metered and charged on a per instance basis at wholesale" "Yes - provided you have a mobile or Wi-Fi data connection. We won't charge you extra" The correct services need to be provisioned and are metered and charged on a per instance basis at wholesale" "Of course - we partner where it make sense to enhance our service proposition (e.g. Facebook / iPhone integration)" "The first gaming services linked to RCS are available - however, there is yet to be a systematic model for partnership with third parties "How am I charged for my services?" "Can I use my service abroad?" "Are there different services on the same platform?" A small number of globally shared RCS platforms, hosted in the cloud, will improve ease and speed to market for operators 1 RCS IMS RCS RCS Hub IMS interoperability interoperability interoperability IP Interop Home sub. server IP Interop Home sub. server IP Interop Home sub. server RCS IMS RCS IMS More individual operator control over future service update
Increased ability for service differentiation
Supports service evolution (e.g. voice) Slower to market on cross-operator service updates Speed of interoperability
reduced CAPEX investment requirement
Quicker time to market on cross-operator service updates
Support service evolution, e.g. voice Reduced differentiation between operators Hosted RCS RCS Hubs N.B: the operator logos used are illustrative and do not represent actual commercial relationships OTT providers have changed the way consumer expect to be charged for communication services 2-3 How I am being charged for my communication service? Operator services Domestic Bundles / metered International Metered Metered Roaming Domestic Data access International Data access Data access Roaming OTT services Domestic Bundles / metered International Metered Roaming Metered Domestic International Roaming Data Access Data Access Data Access OTT services Operator services CSO quotes "We need to offer unlimited voice included in the access"
"Data is a major business for the future; voice will be free"
"In future, all plans will have unlimited voice"
"In a data package, voice and SMS should be free. Carrier grade voice and messaging should be a blot-on" Should we develop a new interconnect / roaming model for future services based on aggregated net data traffic?* B2B offerings Commercial strategies VoLTE OTT Competition?
Partners? Roaming Interoperability RCS Future of interconnect SIM identification RCS is interlinked with many important areas and we need to ensure that there is strategic alignment across these Customer experience We would like the Stategy committee to support the following recommendations: 1.Interoperability Operator need Action Accelerate time to market by removing interoperability complexity and workload Development of cloud hosted shared infrastructure model
As minimum, use of hubbing model for RCS deployments Operator need Action 2.Interconnect Enable charging models to reflect customer expectations
e.g. single access fee to include services Development of new interconnect model for RCS based on netting aggregate wholesale traffic
Commitment to exgtend new interconnect model to future communication services Operator need Action Enable charging models to reflect customers expectations
e.g. single access fee to include services Support for extension of future interconnect model to roaming 3.Roaming Next steps from CSOG recommendations Now 2015 2014 Interoperability Revise RCS architecture and guidelines to implement a cloud hosted shared infrastructure model Begin accreditation of third party-hosted solutions for RCS Accountability: RCS Programme 3 Months Accountability: RCS Programme 6-12 Months Develop new interconnect model for RCS based on netting aggregate wholesale traffic
Accountability: FOI Programme Develop new interconnect model for RCS based on netting aggregate wholesale traffic Accountability: FOI Programme Implement hub architecture for all RCS implementations Accountability: RCS Programme 3-6 Months Ensure RCS client extendable or compatible with new services such as VoLTE Accountability: RCS Programme 6-12 Months Interconnect 12 Months+ Extend future interconnect model to other network providers Accountability: FOI Programme Roaming 12 Months+ Extend future interconnect model to other roaming scenarios Accountability: RCS programme RCS IMS RCS IMS * Netting of traffic can occur for each quality level. Recommendations
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