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Stacy Fowler

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Fibonacci

Fibonacci Project By Stacy and Sheyenne Why plants have Fibonacci The Fibonacci-ness of plants Why a spiral? What we Did. Golden Spirals Chicory Spiral found everywhere Bloodroot Ragwort A thirteen petaled flower that is in the daisy family.
This flower is poisonous to some animals and can cause
liver disease and can lead to death. The Fibonacci spiral can be found everywhere from architecture to plants and trees, to even our own ear!!!
So having the knowledge of a concept that is part of our everyday lives. Fibonacci spirals, Golden spirals and golden ratio-based spirals generally appear in living organisms The Chicory is a twenty one petaled flower. It is usually blue or lavender. This flower is edible but it is bitter. It adapts to a temperate environments and adapts to a wide variety of soil types. To capture the beauty and simplicity of Fibonacci in plants,we painted a picture of a garden with flowers of all kinds. There is a path leading into the garden with 13 stones. The building in the back ground is a building whose top is two spirals together. The architect had lots of fun designing this building for sure! Plants grow in accumulation which is a main aspect of Fibonacci. This growth by accumulation is reflected in how trees branch, flowers form, and ferns unfurl.
Plants sprout leaves in this sequence because it allows the maximum amount of sunlight and rain to the leaves. This also allows for the maximum amount of seeds/leaves to pack into a small space. But many wanted to dig deeper into why plants show such mathematical properties. Plants form new seeds or buds in the center. When they spread out they go to the place with the most space and the most growth hormone. Like the video says once a pattern starts it is hard to get out of the pattern. Two physicist, Stephane Doudy and Yves Couder conducted an experiment where they dropped drops of a magnetized oil in a pan. When dropped slowly they drops when in opposite directions towards the edge of the pan. When dropped faster the drops not only repelled the one before it but all of them. The resulting pattern was a spiral. Trillium The trillium is a three petaled flower.
It is the official flower of Ontario in Canada. Bloodroot is an eight petaled flower. It is a natural red dye used by native american artist. Bloodroot was also made for medicine to treat cancer. This flower is almost extinct in some areas of the United States, therefore it is an expensive flower. Thank You!!!!!!

Fibonacci Rocks!!!! Presentation and Spirals Flowers That We Used
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