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No description

Kelev Lefkovitz

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of SMJ Gym

We are a gym with many different varieties of sports and activities.
What do we do?
Families with all age students, adults looking to get in shape, dog owners, and athletes looking to improve.
Who is it focused at?
We provide soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, tennis courts, football fields, a dog daycare, a workout zone, and a swimming pool.
What Do We Provide?
We are located in Dleifreed because there are dog owners, kids that like to play sports, and high school athletes that want to improve. Since it is below average temperature in Dleifreed many people can come swimming and to play sports in a good climate zone.
Why we are located in Dleifreed?
How much does it cost?
If you aren't a member it cost $20 per trip. To become a member, see the person at the front desk at any time. A yearly membership cost $200. An email will be sent the month that it is time to renew your membership.
Special things a member gets
A member gets discounts for the cafe. We included sushi, burritos, and pizza because that is highschoolers favorite lunch food. His or her dog could stay in the dog day care for free. We included this feature because since 1999 the number of dogs in Dleifreed has gone up about 20%
You can find us in adds on the TV and billboards all around around Dleifreed
Where you can find us
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