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Chapter 1 Section 2

No description

Joy Maberry

on 8 August 2018

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Transcript of Chapter 1 Section 2

Chapter 1 Section 2
Using a Scientific Approach

Scientific Models

*Models make it easier to observe
and/or __________ things that are not
easily observed directly.

- If models are proven wrong the __________
can be replaced or _______________.

Scientific Method

*A scientific method is an _____________
plan for gathering, organizing, and
communicating information.

- The goal of any scientific _________ is to solve
a _____________ or better understand an

Scientific Method
*A scientific method can include, but is not limited to the
following steps… (8)
1. Make _________________. (Information obtained through
your __________.)
2. Ask a _________________.
3. Develop a hypothesis.
- A _________________ is a purposed answer to a question.
4. Test Hypothesis/Experiment.
- See variables page 8. (Manipulated, Responding, and
5. Analyze ______________.
6. ________________ conclusions.
7. Develop Theory. (A well- ______________ explanation.)

Scientific Laws
Scientific Theories

*A scientific law summarizes a pattern found in
________________. It does __________ give an
explanation for the pattern.
- A scientific law is simply put a ____________ of
- Different theories may try to explain _______.

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