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Leading with Languages/Keeping it Real: Reaching Global Competence through Authenticity

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Noah Geisel

on 6 July 2017

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Transcript of Leading with Languages/Keeping it Real: Reaching Global Competence through Authenticity

an Elective: Leading for Learning in
World Languages
Language Matters!
In 2007-2008, approximately 6.5 million K-12 students took Spanish.
In 2012, approximately 130,000 took the Spanish Language AP...only 45,000 were non-native speakers.
Stef sounds better!

Susan Schaller's story
What Gives?!?!?!?!
Meet Stef Lam
We've heard plenty about STEM.
Art worked its way in with STEAM
We must advocate for Stef Lam!
“Notice my employment of technology tools in order to incorporate cross-curricular content into differentiated learning that meets learning objectives aligned to ACTFL Standards .”
One Strategy
Connected Educator Month
#CE15 #CEunder500
#LeadWithLanguages #Langchat

"Generation Like" Mentality
Guest speaker registry
Calling Cards
Teacher Field Trips
Build RELATIONSHIPS with Students
Noah Geisel
(740) 4-SENORG

That sounds good, right? RIGHT!
But you know what sounds better?
I love memes! In my Chinese class, we studied Ai Weiwei's dissident art and saw how students in China are protesting through memes. And then learned how to make our own protest memes in Chinese!
When we studied Spain and Spanish culture, my teacher had us take a virtual field trip on Google Earth to show us cool places to live. We then had to plan a year abroad in Spain...I learned how to use Kayak to find affordable flights, found a real person to live with on a roommate finder site and discovered a school in Madrid where I can earn my TEFL certificate so that I can afford rent. She even taught us how to make a budget so that we would know how much to plan on spending. I learned the word for a "perm" but since I'm the one paying I'm going to skip hair salons for a year. She called it Project Based Learning but whatevs.
Our Arabic teacher had us read an article about a business that refused service to an Arabic family and asked us what we were going to do about it. She let us set up class accounts on Yelp and Twitter and we started our own campaign in Arabic. She wouldn't let us use translators so what we said was basic but with only 140 characters we didn't need to say much to be heard. We posted negative reviews of the business on Yelp and on Twitter we got local politicians and civic leaders to weigh in and the news even did a story about us! It was so cool to feel like we could make a difference in the world.
Our French teacher started class by asking us what a 3D printer had to do with French class. At first, we were like "Huh?" But then it clicked and we were like "OMG..."
Student Growth Data
, like:
And more!

Keeping it
Reaching Global Competence through Authenticity

"My Spanish teacher started giving us digital badges when we completed these 'can do' statements. It's pretty cool because people can look at my badges and know what I'm capable of in Spanish. Everybody gets really into it...we're competitive but in a good way. Pretty soon, other teachers in the school started copying her and giving us badges.
Resources to get you started with badges:
Who is your Dave? Maya?
Adopt an Asset-based Mindset
3 Challenges: Take out your phone
1. Clear Relevance
2. Stef Lam Advocacy
3. Build a relationship
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