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Chapter One

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Chapter One

Chapter Three
Chapter Five
Chapter Four
Nowhere to Call Home
Chapter One
Frances belongs to a rich family. Her whole life revolves around her father and all her servants and maids. In chapter one,her father dies. He can't stand to not have his money after the stock market crashes. He just can't stand to live with himself any more; he finds that his only way out was to shoot himself. Now Frances is left penniless, with no family.
Chapter Two
Once Frances is left penniless, she has to go somewhere. She is told that she will go live with her Aunt Bushnell in Chicago. Frances barely knows her & really doesn't want to go see her.
Chapter Two
Frances hears Junius talking about being a hobo. Frances starts to believe that being a hobo would be fun, she begins to take interest into being a hobo. She thinks this is a way to get out of going to her Aunt Bushnell's house.
Chapter Three: Getting Ready
Frances has to begin packing to go to her Aunt Bushnell's house. She gets her train ticket and gathers all her clothes and belongings that she wants to keep.
Chapter Six
Frances runs all the way to a yard where bums board trains. When she was there she was caught by the security guard. She knew she needed a disguise so she went to a local store & bought some men's clothes so she could fit in as a hobo. Then she board the train in an empty box car.
Chapter Four: Leaving
Frances leave for Chicago to go see her Aunt Bushnell. She wishes all of her maids and butler and gardeners the best of luck then she gets in a cab, on her way to the train station.
Chapter Seven: Stewpot
Frances soon realizes the the box car was not empty, t here was another hobo in there with her! It was a young boy, aged 15, named Stewpot. He heard her playing her harmonica & so she got her nick name; Frankie Blue. Stewpot thought her music was sad or "blue" so that is how Frances got her hobo name.
Chapter Two

Chapter Fiver: The Station
Once Frances arrives at the train station she realizes that she can get money for her train ticket, so she sells her ticket. She tricks the people into thinking that she is going home but she gets out of her taxi & and begins running through the city.
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