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A 3D "sandbox" game

Katlyn Powers

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of MineCraft<3

Mine Craft By: Katlyn Powers The Creator: Notch Mine Craft Opening Important events in the last 4 years. In June 2009, Mine Craft reaches over 1 million sales.
(Pre ordering) During MineCon of 2011 over 4,500 people came from 24 different countries to attend. Mine Craft is often compared to Legos. Micro World.
The 1st Lego Mine Craft set is out on the Lego Online shop in June 2012 Mine craft was avalible for $19.95 on the computer. $20 (or 1600 microsoft points) on the Xbox Live arcade. Official release date was November 12, 2011 Notch's real name is Markus Persson. Notch is only a nickname to Markus. Notch was focused on other games until June 2010 when he left to focus full time on Mine Craft. He originated from Sweden and was born June 1, 1969 Mine craft came out on Xbox Live in the Xbox Live arcade on May 5, 2012 Mine Craft update on Xbox October 16, 2012 adding creative/survival mode. MineCraft Video
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