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No description

Catrin Rees

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of MY PLAN

Gail fu Farw
Why did it influence me?
What will i take from this?
What is my idea?
- 4 Welsh poems
- Recite them
- Record seperate audio
Four Welsh poems.
'Gail fu farw' by Nesta Wyn Jones
'Delyth (fy merch) yn ddeunaw oed' by Dic Jones
'Glas' by Bryan Martin Davies
'Y Coed' by Gwenallt
What is their content?
Delyth (fy merch) yn ddeunaw oed
Y Coed
What is the poem about?
What is the poem about?
What is the poem about?
What is the poem about?
About a young girl called Gail who was an orphan, who moved from place to place. Her unsteady life then turned into a life of abuse. She became a drug addict, and later died due to her drug abuse.
Where will i record the sounds?
Where will i record the sounds?
Where will i record the sounds?
Where will i record the sounds?
The poem is from a father who speaks about his daughter. Having just turned 18, he tells us how proud he is of her.
Bryan Martin Davies looks back on his memories as a child. He reminisces about a trip he used to take every year to the Mumbles in Swansea. He describes what he saw, where he saw it, what he ate and what he heard on that day.
A poem to remember the 6 million Jews killed in the Second World War. Discussing the History of the War and the Jews as well as the 6 million trees planted in Jerusalem as a memorial for those perished.
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